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Why choose microlearning for a refresher course? - Infographic

Quick and easy to access, microlearning can be the best tool both to fix some content already learned in the past and to spread new updates on certain topics.

When a course of study is completed, the information is still fresh and traceable in the memory. However, as time passes, it is possible that some notions begin to disappear too slowly. It is perfectly normal for the mind not to constantly remember all the information learned, especially if it is not used day after day. 

What can be done in these cases, to prevent the notions from being lost in part? Here so-called refresher courses are indispensable. They are small training courses that can be useful both in the workplace and to "refresh" the information studied during an online course. Not only. These "lessons" should also be useful for updating content that may become obsolete over time.

One of the most effective ways to revise and update what has been previously learned is the so-called " microlearning". We have already spoken in the past through several articles showing benefits and myths to debunk

Microlearning is realized in very short educational contents, mainly videos, which quickly give the main notions on a given theme. This type of content is one of the most suitable to refresh the memory of those who need to review what they have learned during an online course. What are the advantages of this method?

1. Quick information

Especially if you are in the workplace and need to remember information quickly and schematically, the contents of microlearning are a fundamental resource for finding an answer immediately and, consequently, improving problem solving skills.

2. Easy to access

The microlearning contents are accessible at any time and through most electronic devices. Just think of YouTube videos that can be viewed via computer, tablet or smartphone. In the design of eLearning, in fact, it is fundamental to think of making the contents accessible, even of microlearning, on all devices

3. Variety of contents

In most cases, when one thinks of microlearning, one thinks of videos. Although it is certain that many of the contents are in this format, it should not be forgotten that it is possible to use "micro" content also through quizzes, podcasts, blogs or infographics, for example. 

4. Easy to update

Although microlearning is very useful to refresh the memory, as we have said from the beginning, it is also of great help in cases where an update of the concepts previously learned is needed. Given the size, this content can be easily modified, and therefore updated, at any time.

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