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What is microlearning and what are its 5 main advantages?

How to create courses in Microlearning and why all companies should do it ...

Goanimate is a software that allows you to create videos with animated characters.

On the site of Goanimate there are some interesting articles on training in microlearning, which we decided to extrapolate and propose to readers of eLeaerningNews, but in the form of video, because they seem more effective and are an excellent example of microlearning themselves.

In this video, here is a quick and effective explanation of what microlearning is:

And in this video, here are the main features of microlearning:

Looking at the videos, it is easy to understand the main advantages of a training in microlearning.

It is a very flexible education: Microlearning experiences are much easier to tailor to each student's needs. By creating short blocks of content dedicated to a single learning goal, companies can easily transfer content to students, and always produce new messages. This is in stark contrast to traditional training programs, which are often expensive to create and difficult to modify without reviewing the entire program.

It is an accessible training: courses in microlearning can take place in a short time and be enjoyed on a wide range of devices (computers, tablets, telephones, etc.), and it is not required any class of students.

It's a Just-in-Time training: when you have a quick need of an information or of a procedure, use microlearning. A quick view of a YouTube video is all it takes to get to know exactly what you need to know right now - without having to waste more than a few minutes or having to look at irrelevant material.

It is a sticky education: the short-term memory of students (also known as working memory) "can only keep a certain amount of information at the same time". Small videos and other short modules help reinforce the conservation of knowledge and prevent cognitive overload, particularly when dealing with complex subjects.

It is a cumulative education: each microlearning module has its own learning objective, but it also represents "a small victory on the road to a bigger goal". Students can learn what they need, exactly when they need it, while at the same time developing their knowledge over time to gain mastery over the topic in question.

We will continue our in-depth study on microlearning with other articles, exploring why video is a particularly effective microlearning strategy and how to design and create microlearning videos that make training more and more efficient and effective.

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