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How and when to create effective microlearning videos?

Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
22/01/2020 : The main attribute of the micro training contents is to be synthetic. In which cases is it better to create microlearning videos and how to make sure they reach the training objective?
How and when to create effective microlearning videos?

Microlearning has the advantage of be fast, easy to use and ready to use. This is why it is increasingly used in online training, especially corporate training that has the greatest need to keep employees updated always and quickly. If the microcontents are presented in the form of videos, then, the popularity rating by the trainees is very high and consequently, their involvement and the effectiveness of training also increases. In which cases is the format of the microlearning video lessons more suitable? How do you create microlearning videos? Here is some useful information.

When is it better to use videos to broadcast microcontents?

Microlearning videos are suitable for companies that have a constant need to update their employees. Generally, videos last no more than 3-5 minutes and can be edited quickly, inserting the latest news in their sector. The microlearning videos are therefore suitable for realities where:

  • The contents must be constantly updated
  • Employees need to learn when needed
  • The market in which you operate requires rapid application of the news

However, even companies with standardized times benefit from the speed and effectiveness of microlearning.

How to create microlearning video lessons

To create effective videos that can be defined as microlearning it is necessary:

  • Identify only one goal to be achieved, for example learning the characteristics of a new product compared to the previous version.
  • Plan content through a storyboard, with a well-defined script to know what to say and what to show students.
  • Conclude the video with a quiz to check the level of learning by the employees and provide links to support material for further study.

How to make microlearning videos more effective?

Structuring online training through different micro-contents means producing a very large catalog of resources. To make it easier for employees to find the right material, simply create an online content library using the potential of their LMS. By organizing content by topic, degree of importance or modification date, it is easier to trace the micro videos that you need.

The microlearning videos are particularly suitable for companies that need to constantly update the news on procedures or products. Even companies with less dizzying timings can take advantage of the advantages of microlearning videos as long as they create a well-organized content library and structure the video by dealing with a single topic in a concise manner and with careful planning.

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