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7 tips for creating effective and inexpensive eLearning courses

May 2023
Not sure how to calculate the expenses of an eLearning project? Is your budget limited? In this article we explore 7 tips for developing effective and inexpensive eLearning courses.

The importance of pauses whilst learning

april 2023
We often see pauses as non-productive moments. New studies show that pauses are critical to the learning process.

EdTech: the key markets and business models

april 2023
The education technology market is in turmoil: let's find out what the key markets and business models of EdTech are.

The challenges of artificial intelligence in online learning

April 2023
Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn. But what are the challenges of implementing AI in eLearning?

ELearning tools that use artificial intelligence

5th 2023
Pros and cons of eLearning tools AI based and how to leverage the latest applications to enrich learning experiences

Advantages of using YouTube for online training

march 2023
YouTube is the largest video sharing platform, and since the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, it is an interesting tool for elearning

Managing human capital in the new world of work

march 2023
Companies and workers are challlenged by a rapidly changing world of work. Let's find out how they are reacting according to the "2023 Human Capital Trends" report.

Active learning in eLearning

march 2023
Active learning is one of the most effective and popular training methods, but creating an active learning environment online requires a lot of attention.

TikTok can be useful for training

march 2023
One might think that TikTok and education are worlds apart, but the opposite seems to be true and social media may be showing us the way to the future of learning.

Microlearning and Nanolearning: what are they?

march 2023
This article explores microlearning and nanolearning and the respective roles they play in corporate training

The skills needed in the digital age

february 2023
We find out why digital skills training needs to be reconsidered and which skills are essential to keep teams competitive.

Customer training: what it is and why it is important

february 2023
Customer training is becoming increasingly important for companies. Let's try to understand what it is and why it is so popular.

Laughing makes learning better

february 2023
Education is becoming less and less 'serious' by trying to integrate play and humour. In this article we understand why.

L&D: key lessons from 2022 to look forward to 2023

February 2023
The article presents an analysis of what worked and what did not work in the L&D sector, and reports lessons learnt from 2022 to focus on in 2023. 

The role of psychology in eLearning

january 2023
What psychological techniques can be used to create a better online learning experience?

Trends that will influence LMS platforms

January 2023
LMSs appeared during the pandemic and have been revolutionising education ever since. But how are they evolving?

How to decide the price of an online course?

december 2022
We explore the results of a report that studied the prices of more than 132,000 online courses.

How to recognize a secure eLearning app

december 2022
How do eLearning app developers defend our security? Let's learn how to spot the signs that an app is secure.

Are eLearning providers ready for market needs?

november 2022
ELearning providers appear to be adopting five strategies to beat the competition and meet the needs of learners.

How to use voice-overs in online courses

november 2022
Voiceovers within online courses make it easier to remember information. But why are they useful for eLearning and how to use them in the right way?

Informal learning: what is it and how is it put into practice?

october 2022
The popularity of social makes the importance of informal learning increasingly apparent. But what exactly is it and how is it put into practice?

How to manage student data

october 2022
Data is crucial to improving your offerings, yet managing and protecting it is a responsibility that should not be underestimated.

Key eLearning trends

september 2022
New technologies are being developed every day, and there are more and more debates about training methods brought about by the development of these technologies. 

Subconscious language learning: reality or science fiction?

september 2022
The spread of eLearning is popularizing subconscious language learning. This method is much discussed by experts, and in this article we explore why.

mLearning: the importance of giving continuity to training

july 2022
Learning on multiple devices can save organisations time and money and make life easier for employees and learners.

How to use data to optimise training strategies

july 2022
It is possible to improve the impact of training by collecting and analysing data. But it is not always easy to collect them nor to know which ones or how to use them.

Creating online courses the entrepreneurial way - Part 2

june 2022
Considering that the eLearning market will be worth over 300 billion dollars within the next five years, more and more people are approaching the creation of online courses as an entrepreneurial activity.

Creating online courses the entrepreneurial way - Part 1

june 2022
Considering that the eLearning market will be worth over 300 billion dollars within the next five years, more and more people are approaching the creation of online courses as an entrepreneurial activity.

Blockchain is transforming e-Learning

june 2022
We find out what blockchain technology is and how it can improve online learning.

Will the metaverse be the new frontier of e-learning?

may 2022
The metaverse is considered the next frontier of technology. But what exactly is it and how can it change the way we learn and approach the world around us?

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