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The role of audio in eLearning

July 2024
In this article, we explore the use of audio in eLearning, its functions, and how it enhances the transmission and retention of information.

How to increase sales of your online course?

june 2024
Here is a quick guide to increase the sales of your online course through simple and easily implemented marketing techniques.

Can eLearning help emotional well-being in the workplace?

june 2024
We explore the importance of emotional wellbeing in the workplace and how eLearning allows us to create healthier, safer and more effective learning environments.

Data migration in eLearning: what it is and why it matters

may 2024
In this article we discover what data migration is, why it is talked about so often and why it is fundamental for eLearning

Bridging the generation gap in learning with AI

may 2024
In this article we explore how artificial intelligence can be used to close learning gaps between generations.

How eLearning helps third sector operators

april 2024
In this article we see how third sector operators can benefit greatly from the use of eLearning in their profession.

The importance of using simple language in eLearning

april 2024
In today's world where we are overloaded with information, using simple language that can be understood quickly is becoming a priority.

The situation of eLearning in 2024

march 2024
Let's discover the trends in the eLearning market at a global level and the challenges to be faced so that online training is effective and accessible.

The psychological dynamics of e-learning

March 2024
How can we exploit knowledge of users' cognition and motivation mechanisms to improve online training experiences?

Data analysis in eLearning: a beginner's guide

february 2024
In this article we explore the process of data analysis in eLearning, offering a simple guide for those new to this world.

Employee-focused corporate training: what is it?

february 2024
What is training based on anthropocentric design, or Human-centered Design, and how does it respond to the training needs of workers?

How to conduct a bottom-up training needs analysis?

January 2024
Training needs analysis is a key practice for companies aiming to align training with strategic objectives. Let's find out how to put it into practice.

Collaborative learning: what it is and what advantages it offers companies

january 2024
The new generations have very different training needs from previous ones and collaborative learning seems to satisfy them better than other approaches. Let's find out why.

Workplace competitiveness: how to manage it

december 2023
Workplace competitiveness can be positive for personal growth, but it can create a toxic environment. Let's explore how to manage it effectively.

Promoting diversity and inclusion for competitiveness

december 2023
Diversity and inclusion are central themes for the new generations, and companies can benefit from them in terms of competitiveness. Let's explore how.

Scenario-Based eLearning: what it is and why it's useful for businesses

novembre 2023
In this article, we explore what "Scenario-Based eLearning" is and why it's beneficial for corporate training.

The Evolution of the eLearning Market: A Comprehensive Analysis

novembre 2023
The world of education has been radically transformed by the integration of technology. Let's explore the challenges and trends in this new educational landscape.

The social impact of eLearning: inclusive training for all

november 2023
In this article we explore how eLearning is making education more inclusive and accessible for all.

Skills management software: what are they and what are they for?

novembre 2023
What are skills management software and how can they be useful for companies? Let's find out in this article.

The limits of informal learning in companies

november 2023
Informal learning is a way of training that is becoming increasingly popular in companies. Let's find out the limitations and problems with this strategy.

Creating a work environment that supports employees' mental health

october 2023
The mental well-being of employees is not only an ethical responsibility, but a strategic imperative for companies. Let's take a look at why, what methods are used and the benefits

How artificial intelligence is transforming project management

october 2023
Artificial intelligence has a strong impact on every sector, but project management is being revolutionized by this technology. Let's see how and why

Use eLearning to hire new staff

october 2023
eLearning has revolutionized the hiring process, providing a versatile, cost-effective and scalable means of developing a skilled workforce. In this article we see how

The use of chatbots in eLearning

october 2023
What are chatbots that use artificial intelligence and how can they be used in eLearning?

Skills mapping: what is it and why do you need it?

september 2023
What is skills mapping and how can it significantly increase the profitability of the working environment? Let's find out in this article

eLearning courses: how to create a brand

september 2023
Let's find out what branding is and how to create a brand for an eLearning course to make it engaging and distinguish it from others

The future of eLearning from the lessons of the past

October 2023
An analysis on the main challenges of eLearning to predict the changes that will impact the sector and find out how to best tackle them

How does eLearning affect our brain?

July 2023
How does our brain work during traditional training and during eLearning and how do these differences affect our learning process?

Training strategies for Digital Natives

July 2023
Digital natives have innate digital capabilities that companies could leverage in the fast-paced digital age we find ourselves in. How to make the most of this potential?

9 ways to use social media for education

July 2023
Social media is the most efficient communication tools we know, but how can we use them to enhance training?

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