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4 tools to work effectively in smart working

What are the tools for companies that have to manage work and distance learning during the coronavirus emergency?

In relation to the COVID-19 emergency and measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, classroom training activities and company meetings in attendance have been suspended.

In this context, the use of smart working and distance learning activities such as eLearning training and the use of remote links for any type of meeting is desirable.

The solution to organize courses and online meetings

There are valid digital solutions to use online courses, manage training from an eLearning platform (LMS) and activate virtual classrooms and remote meetings services.

Right now Mega Italia Media is working at a fast pace to support companies that need innovative digital solutions to support their business.

These are some tools that Mega Italia Media can offer:

  • Training courses in eLearning
  • Using the DynDevice platform
  • Webconferences and virtual classrooms
  • Remote meetings and smart working activities

Training courses in eLearning 

At this time of suspension of classroom courses, courses in eLearning mode are an important resource for companies. In fact, an eLearning course provides distance learning anywhere, with any device and at any time.

Mega Italia Media's catalogue includes a catalog of online courses on safety at work, digital skills, cyber security and more. All accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).

With these courses you can offer your staff a modern, simple and effective training, in compliance with the law and with all the convenience of eLearning. All trainees are supervised by qualified e-Tutors, available in real time during office hours to assist the trainees in the educational path.

The LMS DynDevice platform 

Another possibility for corporate training is the use of the eLearning DynDevice platformthat allows companies to create, manage and deliver all corporate training. With this platform it is possible, for example, to deliver pre-installed online courses, create new customized content (also in microlearning) and process a unique archive of all training documentation and reports.

Webconferences and virtual classrooms 

Through WebConference every company has the possibility to create real virtual classrooms and deliver live distance learning courses (synchronous mode) making it easy to share slides and documents among participants.

Two types of web-conference are possible:

  • "one to many": the teacher who starts the lesson sees and hears all the learners connected to the virtual classroom (up to 50), while students only see and hear the teacher.
  • "Many to many": the teacher who starts the lesson sees and hears all the learners connected to the virtual classroom and they see and hear the teacher and the other learners.

With DynDevice WebConference it is possible to manage course registrations, the generation of attendance and attendance records, the loading of teaching documents into the platform by the teacher.

Remote meetings and smart working activities 

DynDevice also enables remote meetings and smart working collaboration between workers.

With the WebMeet feature you can connect staff, teams and external parties to the organization through remote virtual meetings, enabling continuous collaboration and coordination.

Organizing an online meeting with WebMeet is quick and easy and you can involve up to 250 participants who can share the screen, record the meeting or exchange files and documents.

Through these tools it is possible for each company to face with greater security and strength this difficult phase of emergency related to the spread of coronavirus in Italy.

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