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The response to coronavirus: Smart Working and eLearning training

The help that technology is providing to combat the emergency through smart working and online training.

The coronavirus emergency (COVID-19) has prompted many companies to ask their employees to work from home in a smart working way, especially in the areas most at risk worldwide.

What is smart working?

The Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan defines it "a new managerial philosophy based on giving people back flexibility and autonomy in the choice of spaces, times and tools to be used in the face of greater responsibility for results".
For the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, «Smart Working (or Agile Work) is a method of executing the subordinate employment relationship characterized by the absence of hourly or spatial constraints and an organization by phases, cycles and objectives, established by agreement between employee and employer; a modality that helps the worker to reconcile life and work times and, at the same time, to encourage the growth of his productivity».
In short, a rethinking of working activity in an "intelligent", virtual, personalized and flexible way that tends to empower individuals.

The need to work from home can turn into an opportunity

The activation of agile work in China was defined by Bloomberg "The biggest smart working experiment ever put in place."

At this moment, for Italy, agile work is certainly the reaction to an emergency, but it is certainly also the adoption of a strategy that, in our country, has spread on a large scale only in the last decade ( the decree that governs it in Italy is from 2017 - the current situation of smart working in Europe can be seen in the image).

Technology and digital technology have increasingly led the modern employee to deal with the intangible: what he deals with is above all data and information that can be managed in any environment and time. This way of working, where applied, has brought and is bringing enormous results.

It is certainly important to train employees in this way of working. Like? For example, through this online course for workers who operate or wish to operate in smart working activities

Although today this choice was driven by the concern and the imminent need not to stop the world of work and the economy, it is essential to take advantage of this experience and take advantage of the opportunity for analysis for the future, looking beyond the present and pointing it towards the new that is outlined on the horizon.

Classroom training vs. eLearning training

At this precise moment eLearning comes to the aid of company training (Read the guidelines for classroom training of AIFOS - Italian Association of Trainers and Operators of Occupational Safety).
In fact, in a health emergency where it is necessary to avoid crowded places, online training is configured as a winning solution (in addition to maintaining the usual advantages). 

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