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How to help the students complete the course?

The greatest requirement of the students (as such) is to complete the training course undertaken. The completion of the program depends primarily on the student, but it is also true that failure to do so does not always depend on their motivation. We must consider the hypothesis that if the students abandon, they can also affect other causes. 61 /

Many students lead busy lives (online and offline) and can appreciate some tricks that the instructional designer can already consider in the online course design phase: for the success of the students and the course itself.

1. Mobile

In online training, the more restrictions you place on students in terms of time and place to use the course, the more difficult it will be for them to adapt it to their lives.

mobile learning AR- 96 / is not just about creating a responsive website, format-app-AR-293 / but also how to present content. Are your videos subtitled so that students can watch them even in crowded places? Can tests be completed by simply clicking on the screen or do your questions require long answers?

2. In pieces

Large training modules are difficult for students to complete in a single session. In many cases, trainees prefer to optimize time and take advantage of various free moments of the day to do the course: they can be time slots of a few minutes, so if your training modules consist of one-hour video blocks, the students could not being able to spend so much time completing a lesson.

If you organize the course in many short lessons you will lower the barriers of the trainees to complete them, one after the other. You may find that they can easily follow an hour of lesson a day if organized in blocks of 15 minutes!

In addition, short content facilitates attention and preservation of information.

3. Deadlines

The durations and deadlines are a great help for many students: they help to assess in advance what kind of time commitment the course requires.

First of all, if the trainee thinks that the course lasts a couple of hours, he may feel entitled to set it aside for a week or more thinking he can recover quickly afterwards. When he finds out that the lesson lasts more than five hours, it will be too late to recover.

The deadlines, in a psychological sense, are of great motivation: intrinsic-extrinsic motivation-in learning-online-AR-80 / knowing that something needs to be done in a limited time pushes to act.

To predict the right number of deadlines, consider the type of course: if it is short (two hours) a single weekly deadline may be sufficient; if it is more intense, you can set a deadline every five hours of the course.

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