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5 tips to hire the right e-Learning voice actor

5 tips to hire the right e-Learning voice actor
Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
 Best Practices
19/09/2018 : When we talk about the voiceover in e-Learning courses, the script makes the difference. But how to choose the most suitable voice actor to interpret your content?

Audio narratives are a great way to add a little bit of pepper to your e-Learning course. Online training works better with voice instructions. The audio guide is easier to digest than large chunks of instructional text. Unfortunately, all this effort can be wasted if you use the wrong dubber.

Here are 5 tips to choose the perfect voice actor

1. Choose the right tone

Usually, when people talk, their tone varies. We tend to lose these dynamics of the voice once we are in a formal environment. It is often thought that being formal inevitably means being boring. This is where professional e-Learning dubbers come into play. They can keep the excitement and engagement of the conversation even in the script settings. Hire an e-Learning voice actor who uses his voice in a vibrant and easy to listen way.

2. Consider the brand image

As much as you want your e-Learning dubber to be talkative, you also want his parlor to reflect the brand image. If your client is a law firm or a bank, credibility is essential. In these cases, your e-Learning voice actor can be conversational while maintaining authority. For "artistic" clients, you could follow the unconventional way, using a child actor or comedian. Put a little creativity in your voice choice.

3. Request references

If you have the opportunity, request vocal demos for your voice actors: if they are established they should have websites with examples of their work. They could also have referrals from previous customers. If the e-Learning voice actor does not have a portfolio yet, you can ask him to make a registration specifically for you. You could also provide a few lines of your course script and ask for a quick analysis. This will help you measure energy levels, relationships and feasibility.

4. Get technical information

If you are taking an e-Learning voice actor remotely, you would prefer to avoid dealing with voice editing. Provide the formats in which they must be saved and uploaded, including all technical specifications. Observe the way in which they interact both by email and by telephone: this shows their level of professionalism.

5. Look for online reviews

There are a variety of sites dedicated to vocal talents that give you the oportunity to view ratings and reviews. You can view the ratings given by the users for each voice actor, as well as a summary of their services. Another option is to ask for advice on social media groups and online discussions. Let everyone know that you are looking for an e-Learning voice actor for your course: they will be able to tell you who they have worked with in the past.

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