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Elearning: how to enhance writing skills

How to enhance content writing skills for eLearning courses? 

There is no online course without content. From text to a video script, the team's writing skills are crucial. The texts serve both to convey knowledge and to involve the trainees. It is not only about grammar or spelling, but also about the style and presentation of the content.

How can writing skills be enhanced? Let's discover some strategies together:

1. Curious with words 

To involve students through writing you need to be able to convince them. How? By using curiosity and logic. Launch a challenge, a scenario or any problem in real/professional life that is known to the students. Provide data and statistics of interest related to the topic, including compelling and real stories and using writing as a means to stimulate curiosity.

2. Address students directly

To avoid physical and virtual barriers, it is always preferable to address the students in an informal and personal way so as to give the feeling of having a live conversation. It simplifies the language without adding unnecessary technicalities.

3. Satisfying needs

Students have chosen your course because they are interested in the final objectives. Since you already know the target group and its objective, you can put yourself in the students' shoes, lead them to the problems or questions they want to clarify and then offer solutions. All through effective and positive writing that is able to highlight problems and solutions.

4. Read out loud

When you spend a lot of time writing a text it is difficult to find errors. While the function of the proofreader is indispensable, an initial correction can be made by the team. How? By reading the texts directly out loud. In this way it will not only be easier to find any spelling mistakes, but also to find out whether the content is engaging or, on the contrary, too difficult or boring.

Here are some other short but valuable tips for improving the content of an online course:

  • Avoid the passive form: the active form is simpler and more direct and allows students to focus on learning and not on understanding the text;
  • Use titles and subtitles: Splitting the text and highlighting paragraphs with titles and subtitles makes it easy to read the content and quickly create a mind map;
  • Questions such as 'breathing': address the students directly by asking them questions. This strategy will help you to increase your involvement and improve the rhythm of the text;
  • Control the distribution of text: concentrating too much text on one page or slide can be confusing. Split the text into several pages or tabs and use interactive elements to avoid overloading the learning process.

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