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eLearning: the possibilities for onboarding

One of the tools companies have to improve onboarding is to offer virtual, effective training to new hires.

The onboarding process is a delicate time for both new hires and the company. In managing the arrival and training of new employees, eLearning is undoubtedly a useful tool to start the working relationship on the right foot. In fact, it should not be forgotten that employees are the most important resource for a company. Their training and well-being should be at the top of the company's goals, starting with onboarding.

At the initial stage, the training process can be crucial for the lives of employees and also for the company that can gain significant benefits in the long run. How to create a training course for new hires? What features and content should it have to be effective? Here are some key characteristics:

1. Welcome them

These are new workers, so it's critical that they feel immediately accepted by the company's staff. A warm welcome is imperative before moving on to the actual training.

2. Ease of use

The platform must be user-friendly, especially for newcomers. It is also important to ensure that the new employee feels confident about their career choice.

3. Corporate values

In order to create a productive, yet harmonious environment, it is necessary for employees to be familiar with the company's core values from the start, so that they can identify with and appreciate the company culture.

4. Personalized learning

Of course, training cannot be the same for everyone. While eLearning increasingly tends to offer personalized options, it's crucial that the onboarding process takes into account the role and capabilities of the new hire. Adapting to his or her learning style, in fact, is key to giving him or her confirmation that he or she is in the company that's right for him or her.

5. Code of conduct

A training course is also useful for explaining the company's rules of conduct to the new employee. In this case, gamification and simulations can be very useful to remind them of the main rules of conduct.

6. Microlearning and gamification

This is a great way to help new employees feel comfortable with the pace of the firm. The first few days on the job aren't easy for anyone. Offering a flexible and fun training course can help bring out positive emotions and feelings that help make a positive first impression.

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