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3 simple ideas to use eLearning for the benefit of new recruits

What can companies do to attract the best candidates and keep them motivated? How can eLearning help them achieve these goals?

While it is increasingly difficult for employers to attract the best candidates to their production needs, once new workers are hired the need grows to educate, motivate and provide them with all the tools and information needed to keep them for long.

What ideas can these companies deploy to tightly link their workers using eLearning training?

1. Create and use your educational content as part of the pre-employment process

Your work needs advertising and promotion, which you can do with simple YouTube videos that talk about the organization, its culture and the experiences of the employees who work there. Based on the information that are spread by these informative videos, you can prepare mini-quizzes or assessments to be filled out to candidates, so you can check who has deepened the knowledge of your company before applying for the job.

2. Promote effective onboarding of new employees through eLearning courses

Most newly hired employees decide to stay in the company or resign within 6 months from hiring. Employers can try to avoid a high turnover of employees if they implement a good onboarding process.
The best way to welcome new employees is to give them a clear understanding of the organization (its mission, vision and key people); of their role in the organization and on how they can make the difference; of the expectations that the organization has towards them; of the right person to contact in case of need. To do this, eLearning modules can be created and used on the company's substantial topics: code of conduct, IT security, HR policies and procedures, employee benefits and responsibilities.

3. Think long-term and engage with new employees on their long-term career plans

Ideally, the onboarding process should start the moment an employee accepts the job offer and lasts for at least 6 months and even for a year from the date of employment. Thanks to online courses, all this time can be dedicated to training, and it is also possible to develop a long-term eLearning training path that shows the new employee a clear career path and a progression within the company.
Creating eLearning courses for different levels of knowledge and rewarding employees for their performance through badges or certificates are other ways in which new recruits can be motivated to take on higher responsibilities.

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