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What is the profile of the e-learning student in 2018? - Infographic

What is the profile of the e-learning student in 2018? - Infographic
Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
17/10/2018: Knowing the preferences of modern students can be very useful for better planning your e-learning offer.

Those who attend training courses look for content that is relevant to their work, that can be consulted in case of need at any time of the day. Here is the profile of a modern e-learning student:

1. It is overloaded and distracted

In a typical working day, the user spends 33% of his time in meetings, 25% reading e-mail, for 5% of the time he is interrupted and he remains 1% of his time for training.

2. He wants to learn

94% of employees would remain working in a company that invests in professional development. Yet only 15% of users have access to training courses related to their work.

3. He wants quality content, personalized and timely

Students take 7 seconds to understand if a training course is for them. 60% want it personalized and 80% want it to be the best.

4. Use training as needed, in every place and time of day

  • 56% of e-learning users access content when they need it most;
  • 48% follow training in the evening and on weekends;
  • 41% learn from their workstation;
  • 30% during breaks;
  • 28% take courses online in moving home-work-home.

5. Use his/her smartphone

96% of users access courses online via mobile and check the phone at least 10 times per hour.

6. He/she prefers to learn while working and online

93% of users want to train while working. Other learning preferences are through knowledge sharing, for 90%, and online resources, for 76%.

7. He/she really appreciates the quality

For 79% of users, the most important aspect of a course is quality, followed by the ease of use of the tools and the timeliness and relevance of the content.

8. He/she wants to acquire personal and technical skills

Users want courses about how to learn to relate to others with body language, learning methods or time management. Among the most coveted technical skills are machine learning, data analysis and programming.

9. He/she is motivated

Some of the reasons that push users to follow training courses are the thirst for knowledge and the will to do their job better.

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