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How to prepare to shoot a video content for eLearning

The eLearning didactic design does not simply require skills in PowerPoint and access to a large database of images. Videos are fundamental tools for conveying training content in a dynamic and engaging way, allowing students to obtain a lot of information in a short time.

Which are the 3 basic steps to take before making videos for eLearning training?

1. Establish the concept

Parties define a few descriptive words on what the general idea should be, the feeling that you want the video to evoke. For consistency, each design element must work in harmony with the concept, communicating the same message.
"If, for example, the concept is of formality, it is absolutely necessary to use more white spaces, a few defined colours and a lot of symmetry". The concept will guide the choices of designers.
If the result is not satisfactory, the concept has probably not been explored in depth or the wrong concept has been defined. The development of a concept must work both verbally (to determine which message to transmit) and visually (to determine how the message will be transmitted).

2. Outline the content

The concept has been defined: now it is necessary to develop a complete description of the video content. At this stage the designers will identify the visual elements necessary to transmit information and to increase the chances that such information will be remembered and applied once the course is completed.
It is a delicate phase and it is important to dedicate to it all the necessary time in order to give to all the involved persons a precise idea of the project's amplitude (also in view of a clear definition of time and resources to be used to achieve the desired result).

3. Define the script

It is not time to shoot yet! The script of the eLearning video must be written and revised. Remember that dialogues and narratives are very important for achieving the educational objectives. Examine them in every detail and use correct words understandable for the audience to whom the video is intended.
It is useful to emphasize the important aspects by showing some basic textual passages or key words on the screen: the concepts are remembered more easily if they are visually displayed.
Better not to prepare redundant texts, but repetition is good, if it is made in a professional and engaging way.

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