Year 4 - number 126 Wednesday 16 september 2020

What works in gamification?

Anyone designing an online course needs to know what gamification strategies work best for their target audience.

Gamification is one of the timeless trends in eLearning. Learning by playing, in fact, is a maxim that doesn't only work with children but with all age groups. Although the theory is quite clear, it is not always easy to understand how to put the game into an online course. It can happen, in fact, that your gamification strategy is not working as you would like.

The secret is to design gamification down to the smallest detail. In this way, not only will the trainees focus more, but they will be more likely to effectively complete the course in order to add new opportunities to their professional and non-professional lives. How to plan gamification in an online course?

Here are a few more tips (you'll find more tips in this article) to strengthen your gamification strategy:

Still not sure if your gamification strategy is effective? Play it yourself and see if it works!

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