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february 2018 : Short attention? Here's how to use it for the benefit of eLearning

8 tips to make the most of the short attention in eLearning.

january 2018 : In the USA, the first buses equipped with Wi-Fi that allow eLearning training

An innovative solution to bridge the digital divide in education.

january 2018 : Less is more ... also in eLearning

To maximize the effectiveness of your eLearning product it is very often enough to enhance its simplicity.

january 2018 : How to take advantage of infographics in eLearning courses

Five creative ways to insert infographics into your eLearning course

february 2018 : How to use storytelling in eLearning

Some examples to create effective eLearning courses thanks to storytelling.

february 2018 : How to create an appealing resume in the eLearning sector?

8 tips to create a resume that potential employers will not forget.

february 2018 : Good resolutions for training professionals

4 development goals that every training professional should set in 2018.

february 2018 : How Long to Develop One Hour of Training?

How long does it take to develop an hour of eLearning training? How has the production time changed in 2017 compared to 8 or 14 years ago?

january 2018 : Do you write e-Learning or eLearning?

We finally come to the head of a frequent spelling and semantic debate in the area of educational technology.

january 2018 : Challenges in the implementation of eLearning - Infographics

An infographic helps us to discover the greatest challenges of eLearning.

january 2018 : Which are the essential skills for online learning professionals?

At the base of all our results there are skills. In an ever changing world of work, it is essential to stay up-to-date.

january 2018 : How important is LMS reporting for training companies?

eLearning training is a great opportunity for any company, but it is vital that your eLearning system provides accurate and reliable data on the training activity.

january 2018 : Gamification: learning by playing

Would you like your training course to be perceived by your students as a free expression of their will rather than as an obligation?

january 2018 : How to make effective and profitable e-Learning training with limited budgets

Is your e-Learning training budget limited? Optimize it by following these six simple steps.

january 2018 : Why choosing Mobile Learning?

The reasons that push organizations to provide at least part of their training in the form of mobile learning.

january 2018 : How to choose your new LMS?

Everything you need to know about learning management systems (LMS).

january 2018 : The " Quarter-Life Crisis" emerges from LinkedIn

What is the "Quarter-Life Crisis "? How to solve it with training and e-Learning?

january 2018 : Background music kills learning

Why music and background sounds are bad for learning?

january 2018 : How to effectively use Storytelling in e-Learning

Why use storytelling in learning? Because stories teach.

january 2018 : Why buying a Learning Management System?

How could an LMS help to improve the convenience and efficiency of your training program?

january 2018 : The correct mix of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in online learning

What are the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? How to best combine them with online learning?

january 2018 : How to optimize textual communications online

Online communication requires a series of measures that guarantee the effectiveness of the communication itself. Let's find out together ...

january 2018 : Webinar: live training just a click away

The first videoconferencing software was born in 1990. In the last 27 years this mode of communication has become widespread, thanks to the evolution of the LMS that support them. But is it really all clear?

december 2017 : Top e-Learning Trends For 2018 That e-Learning Pros Need To Know

In recent years e-Learning has become increasingly popular in the world. Thanks to the continuous evolution of technology and devices, the approach and applications to e-Learning are constantly changing.

december 2017 : 5 parametrs to measure the success of e-learning

The five key factors to measure the success of eLearning courses through the analysis of data

december 2017 : A fund to promote the girls’ education around the world … with e-Learning

e-Learning has the power to transform education in developing countries. Malala Fund project, presented to the United Nations

december 2017 : USA: students and Universities prefer e-Learning

Fewer registrations at the campus? It’s due to the offer of e-Learning university education, more and more requested in the USA

december 2017 : Six reasons why corporate training programs fail

A list of problems to avoid, for designing the best and more effective training programs

december 2017 : What’s the cost for a LMS? A complete guide to avoid bad surprises.

A complete buying guide to LMS, to understand explicit and hidden costs, in full transparency.

december 2017 : How to design engaging and very appreciated e-learning courses in 6 steps

6 very simple tips to design engaging and enlightening e-Learning courses for your students.
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