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september 2018 : What is the future of mobile learning?

The momentum of mobile technology shows no signs of arrest.

september 2018 : Classroom training vs eLearning – Infographic

Points of strength of these different training methodologies.

september 2018 : How to save time using an LMS?

7 ways how LMS saves time to reinvest in better training.

september 2018 : Microlearning: what to do and to avoid - Infographic

5 things to do and to avoid in microlearning

july 2018 : How to improve learning: 7 tips from psychology

What is the secret to helping people change long-term behavior and habits? Understanding some basics of learning psychology can be helpful.

july 2018 : 5 mistakes to avoid when setting up an eLearning course - Infographic

What common mistakes should educational designers avoid when making an online course? Educational design is used to create content that ensures high levels of user involvement and achieve the learning objectives.

july 2018 : LMS: responsive vs App-based approach

What are the pros and cons of adopting a responsive LMS or an LMS in app format? Which is more useful for your employees' needs?

july 2018 : 4 ways to deal with the biggest problems of online learners

How to solve the most common challenges that eLearning poses to learners?

july 2018 : 5 reasons to use humour in eLearning courses

How does the sense of humour improve eLearning?

july 2018 : 3 types of videos for eLearning

There are many ways to structure and produce a course, depending on available resources and objectives.

july 2018 : 4 steps to create a positive learning environment

Did you know that the physical environment in which we learn has a strong impact on performance?

june 2018 : How to differentiate yourself on the training market?

4 strategies to get noticed in a market full of competitors.

june 2018 : Neuroscience: the focus for educational designers

When the course is not engaging, students will have problems paying attention and this will lead to poor results. Educational designers must be aware of how the human brain works to maximize the attention of learners.

june 2018 : eLearning glossary

IoT? IoE? Do you know all the terms of eLearning?

june 2018 : eLearning for travel agents

An interactive portal that helps travel agents discover Jamaica.

june 2018 : How to manage lifelong learning in the fourth industrial revolution?

The eLearning response to the request for continuous professional training

june 2018 : LMS in SMEs

3 tips to maximize the results of an LMS in SMEs.

june 2018 : The importance of intellectual capital

What is intellectual capital and why is it important? Find out how to invest in intellectual capital with online learning and get the most out of it.

june 2018 : 7 debunked myths on microlearning

There are limits to what microlearning can do in the business environment. To use it effectively you must know these 7 false myths.

june 2018 : Training & Development or Training vs. Development?

In organizations, are training and development real synonyms?

june 2018 : Health eLearning Voice Over: is a medical background necessary?

What is the secret to being a perfect voiceover (while not having a medical background) in courses for health professionals?

june 2018 : How to use social networks in eLearning

Social media is increasingly becoming part of our lives and ideal for optimizing eLearning. How to use them?

may 2018 : Why create open source educational technology?

Why take this decision? What advantages can it bring to your business?

may 2018 : How to apply the Pareto principle to learning

In general, teachers dedicate 80% of their time to 20% of students. Especially if we are talking about adult training programs, there are some rules to keep in mind.

maggio 2018 : Now it’s the time to activate your GDPR training plan

Are you worried about the GDPR and its imminent entry into force on 25 May?

maggio 2018 : eLearning and GDPR

What are the implications of GDPR on eLearning?

maggio 2018 : LMS helping freelancers - Infographic

How can an LMS lead to the growth of a freelance, an entrepreneur or an individual company?

maggio 2018 : Choose your best digital learning

6 case studies show that blended mode improves quality, efficiency and cost of training.

may 2018 : How to use audio effectively in your eLearning course?

Voices that read slides? That's enough! 4 practical examples on how to best use audio in online courses.

may 2018 : Continuous learning for restaurant employees

Initial training is not enough. For restaurant success, it is desirable for employees to be involved in a continuing education plan to stay abreast of the times.
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