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april 2020 : What is a virtual class? - Infographic

An interesting infographic presents global data on the use of virtual classrooms.

april 2020 : Smart Working: rethinking and planning the work in 5 steps - Infographic

How to plan smart working effectively, following 5 simple steps.

march 2020 : 4 solutions to work effectively in smart working

What are the tools for companies that have to manage work and distance learning during the coronavirus emergency?

march 2020 : Coronavirus: eLearning not to stop teaching

The virus does not stop culture. Thanks to eLearning and videoconferencing activities, nobody will lose the year.

march 2020 : The response to coronavirus: Smart Working and eLearning training

The help that technology is providing to combat the emergency through smart working and online training.

march 2020 : Is your online course overloading the students?

How to understand if you are overloading the students with content and avoid it.

february 2020 : Can eLearning contribute to corporate cyber security?

How can eLearning improve the company's IT security?

february 2020 : When to use animated videos or those recorded in online courses? - Infographic

How to integrate home-produced animations and videos into an eLearning course.

february 2020 : Social learning in the workplace - Infographic

What is social learning and how can it be virtuously integrated into workplace training?

february 2020 : E-learning in the time of Tik Tok

The successful features of Tik Tok (the social media app of the moment) offer useful food for thought also for the e-learning sector, according to Teleskill.

january 2020 : The trends of microlearning - Infographics

Do you know what's trending in microlearning?

january 2020 : Artificial Intelligence: the professions of the future

Will robots conquer the world of work? Will digitalization free workers from low value-added activities?

january 2020 : Neuroscience and training: how to improve the learning of new skills

85% of job success depends on having well developed soft skills, while only 15% depend on technical skills.

december 2019 : The 5 major challenges in using the 70:20:10 model in business education

Challenges of using the business model 70:20:10.

december 2019 : How can big data help e-learning professionals?

It is expected that over 75% of all companies globally will invest in Big Data analysis within the next decade. But how can they help online learning professionals?

december 2019 : Reskilling in Italian companies

50% of Italian companies are committed to building strategies for upgrading their resources.

november 2019 : Confirmation bias in eLearning

Many trainees approach the online course with prejudice. This could affect their learning success.

october 2019 : Instructional Design: the trends 2019 - Infographic

Business education as an ecosystem.

october 2019 : The answer to automation in the world of work? Training

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that around 20% of current jobs could be automated in the coming years.

october 2019 : Errors in training strategies: pedagogy vs. andragogy

Differences between training strategies for children and adults.

october 2019 : How to help the students complete the course?

3 ways to support trainees in achieving their educational goals.

october 2019 : What are corporate academies?

How are they structured and why have one?

october 2019 : Onboarding programs: trend statistics 2019 vs. 2018 - Infographic

Companies with defined onboarding programs record significantly better loyalty, productivity levels and employee satisfaction.

september 2019 : How storytelling meets eLearning training needs

A call from a potential client trying to convert a classroom course into an eLearning course. Is this really the only need?

september 2019 : Instructional designer: tips to create an online course without distractions

One of the greatest challenges of the instructional designer is to create an online course according to deadlines, without the classic writer's block and other distractions that slow down its productivity. Here's how.

september 2019 : Cyber Security vs. Cybercrime - Infographic

What data are stored by your IT devices and how to defend them?

july 2019 : How to choose the right platform to use online courses - Infographic

7 factors to consider.

july 2019 : 4 challenges in IoT testing - Infographic

How to face the challenges of IoT testing?

july 2019 : Why create your own ad hoc business training?

Suggestions for the development of a successful company Academy

july 2019 : What are the latest trends in HR? - Infographic

In which direction is the evolution of human resource leaders going?
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