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How to optimize corporate training

may 2021
What is DynDevice LMS? Learn all about the eLearning platform that allows you to manage corporate training online in a simple and effective way. 

Microcredentials in EU learning

may 2021
The EU approach to microcredentials will provide flexible and modular learning opportunities in lifelong learning.

Artificial Intelligence: restrictive legislation in EU?

may 2021
EU tightening on Artificial Intelligence, from biometric recognition to chatbots

eLearning: the importance of customer support

april 2021
Customer service and tutoring service in eLearning courses are of fundamental importance 

From videocalls to video meetings with holograms

march 2021
Microsoft aims to develop applications that will allow virtual meetings with mixed reality, useful for work, telemedicine and training.

AI: Italian market worth 300 million, growing

march 2021
Artificial Intelligence market in Italy is worth €300m, +15%.

Europe: investment in digital

february 2021
European Investment Bank's annual report shows slowdown in digital investment by EU firms.  

AGI: state of the art of General Artificial Intelligence

february 2021
What is General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) and where do we stand with its development and application? 

Support for connectivity in Italian schools

february 2021
EUR 325 million plan approved to connect 12,000 schools in areas with insufficient connectivity

The LMS market (2020-2027) - Infographic

January 2021
How much will the online education market grow over the next 7 years?

How to organise an online event

january 2021
To organise successful virtual events (and only virtual ones, for now) a few tricks are needed.

Digital skills: increasingly in demand at work

January 2021
In the next 5 years, digital skills will make the difference in finding a job. 

Covid-19: the numbers of smart working in 2020

december 2020
In Italy alone, agile workers will increase tenfold: over 5 million when fully operational. 

Training online at the time of covid - Infographic

december 2020
A survey by Cambridge University investigates how training was experienced remotely in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence: ethical-legal principles

december 2020
Differences in the approach of the ethical-legal guidelines compared to Artificial Intelligence from country to country

eLearning and training: a permanent or temporary combination?

december 2020
In 2020 many high profile leadership programmes moved online. Is this a trend that will continue after the global pandemic?

Pandemic and digital education in sub-Saharan Africa

november 2020
About 300 million people in Africa have been affected by the pandemic's closure of schools.

What is Automate eLearning and what are its advantages?

november 2020
The automation of processes and projects allows eLearning professionals to have more time to take care of content and user satisfaction 

DynDevice LMS and Artificial Intelligence: DyBot

november 2020
Published on international scientific journal the paper on the new DynDevice LMS chatbot.

Smart Working: remote controls and privacy

october 2020
Measures to limit Covid-19 infections put Smart Working back at the center of the debate.

Memorability in eLearning - Infographic

october 2020
Here is how cognitive distortions can be used effectively and productively in the creation of eLearning.

The pillars of the Adult Learning Theory - Infographic

october 2020
What are the four principles of Knowles' andragogy that differentiate adult learning?

15 tips to improve learning - Infographic

september 2020
There are ways to improve your memory that we can all do. How not to overload our minds and learn the best?

Defending privacy in eLearning with Artificial Intelligence

september 2020
Is it possible to protect computer systems with artificial intelligence?

eLearning, a growing sector

september 2020
Due to the mistrust of many people towards face-to-face contact, the eLearning sector continues to grow in the recovery phase.

The Future of HR in 21 New Job Positions

september 2020
The study of the Harvard Business Review on the future of human resources positions after the coronavirus.

Post-COVID Training and eLearning

september 2020
What will digital learning be like in the post-COVID future?

How has COVID changed eLearning? - Infographic

july 2020
How are the changes in corporate training affecting the budgets and expenses of the training department? What are the best strategies to support people in these difficult times?

The Charter of Rights of Online Trainees

july 2020
Online training in 2020 played a crucial role. What are the fundamental rights to be guaranteed to online students?

The world of smart working: legislation

july 2020
What is smart working? How is it regulated in Italy, in Europe? And what are the novelties brought by the massive adoption in recent months?

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