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Neuroscience and memorable virtual learning experiences

may 2022
To be effective, online training must come to terms with instructional design that takes into account the functioning of the human brain. 

DynDevice LMS: what do customers think?

may 2022
We could talk about our eLearning platform, but we prefer to leave that to our customers. 

eLearning and environmental sustainability

may 2022
The 2030 Agenda has set clear objectives to be achieved in terms of sustainability. What part can eLearning play in this? 

DAD: edtech platforms in the world

may 2022
Asia is excited about the edtech sector, in Europe GoStudent is the most funded start-up in the sector

Does the school only need digital tools? Teacher training

april 2022
The funds allocated by the NRP underline that the digital challenge is imminent, even in schools.

eLearning 2022: 29 statistics

march 2022
29 amazing eLearning statistics for the year 2022, showing how technology has revolutionised teaching and learning

End of the state of emergency: what will be left of smart working?

march 2022
The end of the Covid emergency brings new rules for those who work from home. From April 1, individual agreements required. 

The evolution of synthetic voices: opportunities and risks

March 2022
Advances in the application of deep learning algorithms make it possible to produce artificial voices that are increasingly more lifelike than human language. An interesting development also for the creation of eLearning courses. 

The proposed EU law on Artificial Intelligence

february 2022
The European proposal to regulate the use and development of Artificial Intelligence has training and digital skills as key themes. 

Metaverse and online training

february 2022
Lately we often hear about the metaverse as the next technological bet: what is it and what effects could it have on training?

Cybersecurity: how to set a secure password

february 2022
Globally, password vulnerability data worsened from 2020 to 2021. Banned easy passwords resulting in the most chosen passwords of 2021

Fit for the future: the link between digitization and business performance

January 2022
Is your company ready for the digital challenges of the future? Vodafone Business survey rewards companies that are flexible and open to the web

Eurobarometer: European citizens and the digital world

December 2021
The relationship between European citizens and the digital world reported by the Eurobarometer survey

Companies with more than 100 employees: 10 reasons to choose DynDevice LMS

december 2021
"The eLearning platform is not the future of corporate training, but it is its present." Tullio Meroni - President Mega Italia Media

EU Commission: Digital Europe, Cybersecurity and DIH Programme

december 2021
The EU Commission has launched three programmes: the Digital Europe Programme, the Cybersecurity Programme and the DIH Programme. 7.5 billion euros allocated for the diffusion and use of digital technologies.

What are MOOCs? - Infographic

november 2021
State of the art of Massive Open Online Courses and future predictions

DynDevice Live training: innovation in videoconferencing courses

november 2021
The DynDevice LMS platform, now in version 5.3, improves its technical features to ensure its users an innovative and quality training management.

Barriers to employee skills training

november 2021
Cornerstone survey suggests integrating training and skills development into workflow

8 Benefits of LMS in SaaS

october 2021
What are the benefits of adopting learning management systems (LMS) in SaaS?

Outplacement and training: 880 million to implement GOL

october 2021
Active labor policies and training: the resources to implement GOL, the employment program.

Training and work: the HR challenges

october 2021
Work and training, what are the factors of development and challenge? 

Italy: boom of online trainees

october 2021
The pandemic has changed many scenarios, including the desire for (online) training, which has seen a considerable increase in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Corporate cybersecurity: the data on attacks

september 2021
One in every 10 incidents analyzed has a high severity level

Cyber risk: the defense of enterprises

september 2021
New challenges for enterprise cybersecurity have been brought by remote working and the growth of digitization

Digital skills: the skill mismatch has gone digital

july 2021
A real alert on the digital gap front that can slow down the restart of companies in the post-covid period

How to record the audio track of an online course

july 2021
If you want to make your eLearning course engaging for your learners, you need to take care of the audio tracks as well. Here are some tips to make them effective.

Continuing education: necessity or virtuosity?

july 2021
According to the OECD, continuing education is an absolute necessity in the field of occupational skills

Metal University chooses DynDevice LMS for online education

july 2021
Isfor, AQM and Riconversider have used the DynDevice eLearning platform to manage the distance learning of the important training project in the metallurgical sector.

3 Ways to Keep Motivation High - Infographic

june 2021
Completing projects and training while keeping your focus high is important and not a given, especially after a pandemic year. 

AI and HR: the future of human resources?

june 2021
How can solutions that include the use of Artificial Intelligence help HR work faster, saving time and resources?

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