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Online or hybrid training? The 5 differences

February 2023
What is hybrid learning and what are its characteristics? Here is what makes it different from e-learning and blended learning.

Virtual Learning Environment: what it is and how to make it effective

January 2023
The importance of creating an effective VLE in e-learning training. All the characteristics of the virtual learning environment.

How to transform traditional training into interactive eLearning

december 2022
Here are all the steps you need to implement to transform traditional teaching content into effective materials for engaging e-learning

Digital museums: art learning through technology

november 2022
When art meets digital: how virtual museums work and how they can help in art learning

Digital divide, strategies to reduce it in Italy

november 2022
Here are strategies to reduce the distance between those who have access to and are able to use new technologies and those who, on the contrary, are at a disadvantage.

Designing an e-learning course: mistakes not to make

november 2022
The effectiveness of an online course depends on multiple factors. Here are all the mistakes to avoid when designing an e-learning course

Augmented reality applied to e-learning

october 2022
What is augmented reality and how can it be used for online training? Here are all the benefits.

Web and accessibility: how to achieve inclusive E-learning

october 2022
Strategies for building an inclusive Web site that is accessible to all

The benefits of e-learning for the environment: why online training is green

september 2022
Reducing pollution, combating deforestation and saving energy are some of the environmental benefits of e-learning. 

Ux design for e-learning: what it is and why it matters

september 2022
User experience at the heart of e-learning course design. Here's what it is and what it's for

Everything you need to know to measure the effectiveness of e-learning courses

july 2022
Content, interaction and feedback. Here's how to tell if your online course has achieved the desired objectives. 

The emotional side of e-learning: the role of emotions in online courses

july 2022
Emotional involvement in online courses: why it is important and how to recognise it in learners

Interaction design: what it is and why it is important in e-learning

june 2022
How to stimulate students in an online course and get them to complete the lessons? The role of interaction design in the world of e-learning

E-learning as an aid to reading

june 2022
A study analyses the effects of e-learning on improving reading for learning a foreign language.

E-tutor: the project against early school leaving

may 2022
Who an e-tutor is, what they do and why they are also important in e-learning. An EU project aims to reduce early school leaving with the help of e-tutors

E-learning and privacy, how to navigate the web

may 2022
How to protect oneself from hacker attacks and the dissemination of data provided on the web? Here are the strategies that platform operators and users can follow to avoid privacy threats

How to set up an e-learning project: step by step guide

april 2022
What are the steps needed to launch an e-learning course? From finding a customer to setting a budget, here are all the tips you need to get your online learning project off the ground.

E-learning in companies: advantages and trends

april 2022
In the corporate environment, distance learning is becoming one of the most widely used methods to train workers. Here are the benefits of e-learning and the trends for 2022

Wellness education in the digital age

march 2022
At a time when digital has become a fundamental part of children's lives as well, it is important to pay attention to their physical and emotional well-being. In this landscape, wellness education takes on particular relevance.

Child safety in the digital age

february 2022
How do we protect children from the "dangers" of digital exposure? Here are the risks young people may face and OECD recommendations to ensure the development of digital safety

A "Selfie" to improve e-learning in schools

february 2022
Discovering the free EU tool made available to schools to improve the use of digital technologies for learning 

Digital education according to the EU: useful tools

January 2022
What is and what does the Digital Education Action Plan, the European initiative that aims to support the adaptation of the education and training systems of EU Member States, provide?

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