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eLearning: tips from the world of marketing

Paola Giura
 Paola Giura
 Best Practices
04/12/2019 : What can eLearning professionals learn from marketing? The basic rules can be useful to improve the visibility and quality of your online course.
eLearning: tips from the world of marketing

The marketing sector, as well as that of e-learning, is constantly changing and growing. In both cases, these branches try to send a specific message to the consumer or student. Precisely for this reason, eLearning can receive some advice from those who know about marketing, so as to increasingly involve their target. What can eLearning experts learn from marketing manuals?

1. The consumers of eLearning are the students

If there is one thing to which marketing is dedicated, it is the target audience, that is the customers. This means trying to know all the details about their preferences, goals, behaviors, but also data on age, type of training, etc.

Just like in marketing, even those involved in e-learning must give great importance to the target audience. Who can take the course? What kind of language are you used to?

Knowing the potential trainees is a fundamental competitive advantage that will help you improve the course and attract students to the training path you propose.

2. The importance of "storytelling"

We see it every day in advertisements. Within seconds, marketing experts try to present viewers with a storytelling that immediately captures the attention of potential customers.

What lesson can the world of eLearning draw from it? Simple, that in order to keep the students' attention high, it is not enough to offer a long list of quality content. In many cases, it is necessary to stimulate their concentration (and imagination) using storytelling, for example by telling real stories and interesting anecdotes.

3. Show the added value

Very few companies now have a marketing team within them. Because? Because this sector is extremely important to effectively improve the company's presence on the market and also the relative benefits.

The same goes for eLearning. It is important to show potential trainees what they will "gain" in terms of training and, consequently, at a professional level after following your training path.

4. Reach potential students

Even if an online course has all the credentials to be a good training course, this does not mean that the students will enroll as if by magic. Another of the fundamental teachings of marketing is to "procure" customers. This means that having a good product is not enough, you also need to reach customers who could buy it.

In the case of eLearning, this principle does not only translate into proper promotion, but also by paying attention to elements that can attract attention such as the title or description of the course, for example through the use of SEO techniques

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