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Best Practices in eLearning Design - Infographic

Companies adopt project management techniques different from a graphical point of view. But which are the best and most efficient techniques in the area of eLearning?

"Changes in student tastes, reduction of their attention and use of training on mobile devices have brought a significant change in the way eLearning is designed and implemented." Students prefer microlearning, mobile training and this evolution has led to a growth of learning based on video and apps.

In this infographic, created by, you will find the best practices when working on eLearning projects. In short:

  1. Understanding customer requests
  2. Know the audience for which the project is intended
  3. Define learning outcomes
  4. Keep the content simple and understandable
  5. Use engaging videos to improve content
  6. Use gamification to improve the course
  7. Adopt a responsive design for mobile devices
  8. Take advantage of microlearning
  9. Use assessments that help students to better understand
  10. Empower students to complete the course
  11. Communicate regularly with the client about the progress of the project
  12. Follow budget and deadline


DesigningEffective eLearning Infographic

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