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Is the title of your online course effective?

Paola Giura
 Paola Giura
20/11/2019 : Do you think that writing the title of your course is a mere formality? Mistake! The title is decisive when it comes to attracting potential students. How to make it more appealing?
<!-- NO-IMPORT-IN-DD --> Is the title of your online course effective?

When designing an online course you pay attention to a large number of factors, from the quality of the contents to the usability of the eLearning platform. Despite this, it can sometimes happen that, despite the excellent product presented, it does not have the success it deserves. Why? The reasons can be numerous. In this case, however, we take into consideration one in particular: the course title.

Think for a moment of the title of a newspaper article on the web. Your decision to read that text depends on that short sentence. Similarly, the title of an online course can have the same importance for its success. Many, however, underestimate this element, not giving it the right weight. Thinking about it instead, the title will be what the potential students will see first and that will lead them to decide whether to click on it and read the course description. After understanding the importance of the title it is necessary to understand how to write one that can attract the attention of the students.

This brief sentence must not only explain in a few words what the course is about but also try to make a sort of "promise" to potential students, that is to say to understand what results will be possible to obtain following the training course. It's about creating a balanced mix between description and promise and creating interest. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: we must not sacrifice the clarity of the title to try to be creative at all costs. If you have difficulties, it is preferable to ask an outside opinion of a group of people, if possible, experts in the topic of the course.

To understand how to approach your audience, you also need to know your target. What type of students are you addressing? Professionals? University? Senior citizens? What are their knowledge and goals? Asking these questions can be of great help in discovering the best title for the course. Another help can also come from the description. Try to write it down and probably the ideas will come out more easily.

Inspiration can also come from a visit to the web. Those who are experts in web content are familiar with the importance of keywords for SEO, ie those keywords that help pages position themselves better in search engine results. Google, for example, suggests that the title of an article does not exceed 60-65 characters. In addition, the same search engine offers a tool, Google Keyword Planner, with which you can find the keywords related to the topic of our course, thus increasing the chances that potential students will find you on the internet.

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