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The 5 worst eLearning navigation obstacles

An eLearning platform has different ways of use than a simple book. For this, it is necessary to design the course in such a way that students can easily navigate between chapters and online content.

Unlike a book, you cannot simply browse through the pages to use a platform or a website. For this reason, designing an online course can be quite tricky. As we have often remembered, the main features of eLearning platforms is usability, that is the possibility to easily use the platform itself.

Although a good user experience is an indispensable feature, it is not uncommon to encounter errors that hinder students' fluidity during their training. This means that trainees will not only have more difficulty using the platform, but will also have greater difficulty in learning, studying and maintaining concentration.

What are the worst browsing obstacles in eLearning?

Design and use a confusing layout

One of the main mistakes made when designing an eLearning course is to let yourself go too much to creativity. This does not mean that it is negative to give a personal touch to the aesthetics of the course, but it is better to prevent a graphic that is too colorful and different in the various modules of the course from confusing users.

Never use textual directions

In addition to textual content, it is essential that all course modules are easily recognizable. Although many icons can easily indicate, for example, how to return to the home or how to move on to the next lesson, in some cases, the best option is to use easily recognizable symbols and / or words that can immediately explain the action to be performed .

Do not insert links

Each student has their own pace and study methods. For this reason, it is not necessary to design an online course as a simple sequence of contents. It is essential, in fact, to allow trainees to easily switch from one lesson to another, from one chapter to another, using links, icons or a list of sections always present in a special section of the page.

Links not working or external

It is essential to periodically check that all external links contained in the platform are always working. In addition, it is preferable to try to insert as many internal contents (and links) as the students will not always be connected to the internet. This way they will be able to take advantage of the contents on the platform, even if they are not online.

Do not request feedback from students

As always, the feedback is essential in all aspects of online courses. However, many people forget the importance that the judgment of the trainees can have regarding the navigability of the online platform. When designing the assessment test on the course, in fact, it is essential to insert a part that asks the students for their opinion on the experience with browsing the site.

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