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march 2019 : e-Learning and the challenge for universities

Every year universities that employ e-Learning increase the sharing of knowledge and provide and distribute learning through the web. What is the contribution that e-Learning can give to teaching and learning in these places of study?

february 2019 : The future of e-Learning

Given the success achieved by training on online platforms in recent years, the question that touches the mind of many people is "What will the future be for e-Learning?". That's why we decided to elaborate the subject with you.

january 2019 : How was e-Learning born and how did it develop?

Online learning is the new future, but it is important to ask ourselves some important questions about this topic. How have these courses born? How have they developed and above all, what is the current situation?

january 2019 : How to meet the needs of today's learners?

Internet has pushed more and more users on search engines to find “their” online content, often replacing an e-Learning course with a Google search. What should today's trainer do to respond to changes in technology?

january 2019 : Why users look for interactivity in e-Learning courses?

Most e-Learning courses are linear and do not take advantage of interactivity. An interactive course gives the user the possibility to make certain choices during the training course, and much more.

january 2019 : How to ask for support in an e-Learning course

During online learning something could go wrong, giving some difficulty to the student. Let's see how we should behave in case of technical problems with your platform.

december 2018 : How to create an interactive opening screen

Have you ever noticed? When you first access an e-Learning course on your monitor you will see an opening screen full of instructions to follow to help you navigate easier and understandable.

december 2018 : How to recognize a good eLearning course

eLearning mode is a very effective way of learning, provided that it has been designed and developed taking some factors into account. How can we recognize a really good online course?

november 2018 : How much does the User Experience of the users of the LMS platform count in an e-Learning course

A company that provides e-Learning courses will certainly use LMS platforms, interfaces with support services. Why it is very important to consider the LMS User Experience for the success of a course?

november 2018 : Social learning: why it is important to share knowledge in e-Learning?

Digital social learning is one of the trends of e-Learning, with a specific goal: to put users and their experiences at the centre of learning. Why this is important for a company and how it can stimulate employees?

november 2018 : Adaptive Learning: what it is and how it can contribute to success

How can you configure Adaptive Learning as a tailor-made solution meeting your Learners’ needs? But more than this: this type of learning also helps achieving the success of corporate training. Let's find out how.

november 2018 : Professional training: 8 urban myths

Here are some data collected on the web that dispel some of the most common myths about professional training.

november 2018 : The social and psychological aspect in e-Learning

What role do the social and psychological aspects play in e-Learning mode education?

november 2018 : Professional figures of e-Learning

Creating an e-Learning course is certainly not a walk. Planning a e-Learning lesson means bringing together a series of professionals who have to work together for the success of the course. Who are them?

october 2018 : Adult Learning: what is it and what are its objectives

Adult learning is a training methodology aimed at adults. The field of educational research has identified factors that are essential in relation to the target audience when designing an e-learning course.

october 2018 : e-Learning for Lifelong Learning

The concept behind the continuous learning is called “lifelong learning” and a new sector called e-Learning has been created thanks to the web. It allows everyone to learn everything from the comfort of home, looking at online courses.

october 2018 : How important is e-Learning for your organisation? 4 statistical data

4 statistical data show that e-Learning is a profitable solution for both employers and employees.

october 2018 : How e-Learning is transforming talent development

The key to success (individual or corporate) is the appetite for change. The focus on skill gaps is growing in relation to a rigid labour market and the need to retain talent.

october 2018 : 5 tips to write e-Learning storyboards

How can the writing of a e-Learning storyboard structure the content of your course? It goes much deeper than a simple scheme. Instead, it is designed to accurately process your course from the beginning to the end.

october 2018 : 5 Technological trends that influence training

Let's take a look at the 5 most important technological trends that could influence the way we design learning.

october 2018 : How to conduct an analysis of training needs with limited resources

Training gaps are one of the most underrated causes of a company's sales declines. Are you aware of the shortcomings of your organization on the learning and development front?

october 2018 : e-Learning and the influence of technology

It is difficult to establish to what extent technological dependence actually influences our culture. It would be false to state that it has not made any changes. The idea of e-Learning is a testimony to the influence of technology.

september 2018 : What is the true value of e-Learning for companies?

e-Learning has become a large and constantly growing industrial sector, which has attracted investments by organizations like businesses, governments and schools. Many recognize its importance and its founding role in this new Digital Age.

september 2018 : Why invest in personalized e-Learning?

Every organization has an image that can be different from the strategy and philosophies of top management, influencing investors and public perception. Personalized e-Learning training programs are born to manage these business realities.

september 2018 : 5 tips to hire the right e-Learning voice actor

When we talk about the voiceover in e-Learning courses, the script makes the difference. But how to choose the most suitable voice actor to interpret your content?

september 2018 : 7 creative ways to use Video Demos in online training

Are your employees tired of the usual online training tutorials and the usual guided presentations? Always choosing the same approach, little by little, can lead to boredom.

september 2018 : The 6 digital trends of eLearning

The world of digital learning is evolving more and more, introducing new tools and practices: there is a growing need to guarantee cutting-edge learning technologies.

september 2018 : Translation of an e-Learning content: what to consider

Involving a global workforce in your training content involves localizing e-Learning translations for each market. What does it mean when talking about multilingual e-Learning projects?

september 2018 : How to create good e-Learning content

e-Learning is a widespread training method that saves time and resources. Is there a way to create good e-Learning content?

july 2018 : 5 problems trainees can meet with eLearning user interfaces

User interface is sometimes experienced as frustrating because it is easy to get lost or because the system does not often work as expected. How to make sure that participants have fluid interactions with eLearning?

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