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Webinar: live training just a click away

10 January 2018
The first videoconferencing software was born in 1990. In the last 27 years this mode of communication has become widespread, thanks to the evolution of the LMS that support them. But is it really all clear?

Get for free the last eLearning resources

20 December 2017
4 free download ebooks to be aware of the most important aspects of planning and designing in eLearning training

5 parametrs to measure the success of e-learning

20 December 2017
The five key factors to measure the success of eLearning courses through the analysis of data

Six reasons why corporate training programs fail

13 December 2017
A list of problems to avoid, for designing the best and more effective training programs

What’s the cost for a LMS? A complete guide to avoid bad surprises.

13 December 2017
A complete buying guide to LMS, to understand explicit and hidden costs, in full transparency.

How to design engaging and very appreciated e-learning courses in 6 steps

13 December 2017
6 very simple tips to design engaging and enlightening e-Learning courses for your students.

Creative ideas to design effective feedbacks in e-Learning courses

6 December 2017
How to use graphics, animations, icons and other graphic ideas to design effective feedbacks to quizzes ad to results pages

5 Reasons to get started using Scenario-Based e-Learning

6 December 2017
What do we mean with Scenario-Based e-Learning, and how to use it at its best?

Why using e-Learning in a company: advantages versus traditional training

29 November 2017
Which are the advantages of a e-Learning project, in a company? How can we maximize the effectiveness of a e-Learning project? Mr. Emanuele Pucci, CEO of Teleskill ...

Advantages of eBooks and Audiobooks in e-Learning training

22 November 2017
When you’re designing e-Learning training, do not close yourself on a single format of downloadable documents, because each has specific advantages

Industry 4.0: small and medium enterprise discover e-Learning training for their personnel

15 November 2017
After a first moment of hesitation, most small and medium enterprises are investing in the training and development of their personnel, to be ready for the fourth industrial revolution ...

5 reasons to invest in the development of customized elearning courses

15 November 2017
A good elearning course is always customized, thought and developed to cope with specific training needs

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