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Reskilling: training at the time of the fourth industrial revolution

5 June 2019
Today and, increasingly, in the near future the watchword in the world of work is professional retraining.

Bringing digital natives to baby boomers thanks to e-learning

5 June 2019
Can online training unite different generations of workers and how?

Who is the typical student of online courses?

29 May 2019
Since the late 1990s, the number of students choosing online courses has grown steadily, especially between 2004 and 2016. But what are the characteristics of a typical online student and what do you study by choosing e-learning?

How important is text in eLearning?

29 May 2019
Reading from a screen creates some difficulties. Yet, in an online course, textual content is essential to improve understanding and increase students' knowledge. How to make this type of content more attractive?

The theory of social learning and the impact on online education

3 April 2019
Online courses seem to have solved the eternal debate between behavioral and cognitive theory by applying a hybrid approach to learning: the theory of social learning. But how do you create an online social dimension?

The CSCL model applied to online learning

3 April 2019
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is a typology of collaborative computer-based learning that can be easily integrated with the models and processes typical of distance learning.

What are the leading countries in the eLearning industry?

27 March 2019
eLearning is a growing industry. The good news is that it is not only the richest countries in the world that benefit from it. Let's find out the ranking of countries that have bet on online training.

Carl Rogers: three quotes on training

20 February 2019
Humanistic psychology on learning.

3 types of motivation to learn - Infographic

12 December 2018
What kind of motivation works best for your students?

Mirror neurons: do we need to interact to learn?

12 December 2018
The research of Giacomo Rizzolatti on mirror neurons raises the important question: are we "programmed" to learn through human interactions?

Neuroscience: the focus for educational designers

20 June 2018
When the course is not engaging, students will have problems paying attention and this will lead to poor results. Educational designers must be aware of how the human brain works to maximize the attention of learners.

The " Quarter-Life Crisis" emerges from LinkedIn

17 January 2018
What is the "Quarter-Life Crisis "? How to solve it with training and e-Learning?

Which evolution can we expect for professions, skills and training?

17 January 2018
How the corporate training patterns change in the Industries 4.0.

How to optimize textual communications online

10 January 2018
Online communication requires a series of measures that guarantee the effectiveness of the communication itself. Let's find out together ...

The regulation about the impact on health and safety at work of the economy of online platforms

10 January 2018
Research presented by the European Risk Observatory regarding the professional risks of workers operating on online platforms, and therefore also on e-Learning platforms.

Online learning: e-Learning vs Distance Learning

6 December 2017
What’s Distance Learning? And what’s the difference with e-Learning? What’s the best learning method? All what you need to know about the differences between e-Learning and Distance Learning, and how to use them to your advantage …

5 Reasons to get started using Scenario-Based e-Learning

6 December 2017
What do we mean with Scenario-Based e-Learning, and how to use it at its best?

e-Learning training and evaluation tests: how to measure the ROI of training

29 November 2017
In the USA Linux Academy was born, a e-Learning system with the innovative system of evaluation to measure in a detailed way the results of corporate training and locate training gaps.

10 suggestions to make a e-Learning effective, in collaborative logic

22 November 2017
A list with 10 favourite ways to create e-Learning courses truly interactive, addictive and innovative …

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