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december 2019 : How to motivate your employees to follow online training courses?

Employee training is a very important element to implement a successful business strategy. In this article we will give you some tips to motivate your employees to take e-learning training courses.

december 2019 : How, when and why to use learning tests in e-learning

The learning test cannot be missing in your e-learning course. If you want to find out how, when and why you test your students' learning, read on!

december 2019 : E-learning: the advantages for companies in any sector

What are the 3 advantages that companies can obtain from the adoption of e-learning for the training of employees, regardless of the sector they belong to (from the commercial to the non-profit, to the pharmaceutical and health sector)?

november 2019 : How to increase the productivity of your e-learning team

In this article we will discover some ideas and suggestions to develop a more productive team of e-learning professionals.

november 2019 : How to convert classroom training to e-learning

Converting classroom courses to the e-learning format can allow you to revolutionize the training offer for your company's staff. Let's see how to implement this transition.

november 2019 : Computer security for e-learning

Today, companies that offer courses in e-learning mode must ensure that no third party can get hold of user data, which could endanger computer security and privacy.

november 2019 : 5 techniques to become an online training specialist

Would you like to become an online training specialist? We present 5 techniques that will help you improve your communication skills and engage your students in e-learning training.

october 2019 : Establishing learning objectives in the outsourcing of personalized e-learning

Whether it is standard solutions or personalized e-learning, if you do not establish adequate learning objectives it is like putting students on a boat without a rudder.

october 2019 : How to implement an e-learning project saving time money

What to do to implement e-learning training saving time and money? How does the use of external suppliers represent an economic solution for companies?

october 2019 : How to create e-learning courses by optimizing resources

Do you need to test your e-learning course before launching it to verify its adequacy and effectiveness? With some simple authoring tools, you can create courses from simple PowerPoint slides.

october 2019 : Customize the e-learning experience through empathy

The e-learning that is based on empathy is able to enter into direct connection with the user, with his mindset, with the work environment in which he works and with the problems he faces, by involving him adequately to offer him a solution.

october 2019 : Authoring tools to create e-learning content: which to choose?

There are different types of authoring tools. The two main types are authoring tools that can be installed on the desktop and authoring tools in the cloud. How to choose the one that best suits your needs?

october 2019 : How to create successful e-learning content for large companies

Creating a successful e-learning course for a large company means using techniques that help employees learn quickly and memorize knowledge, but above all practices adaptable to different departments, usable with a very large user base.

september 2019 : Questionnaire for the evaluation of a course in e-learning mode

The questionnaire that follows a course in e-learning mode is a kind of test aimed at measuring the reactions of the participants, collecting information and feedback. What is useful to ask the students?

september 2019 : 5 characteristics of a successful e-learning course

The goal of a successful e-learning course is to inform, stimulate attention and actively involve the user in the training path to improve his/her work performance.

july 2019 : The 5 W of Microlearning

Microlearning is a method of acquiring knowledge online in short-lived "pills", which offers users maximum freedom and flexibility.

july 2019 : Education in e-learning mode for refugees

In the 21st century, e-learning continues to play an important role in ensuring respect for the right to education, even for refugees who, in this way, can quickly integrate into the societies of the host countries and enter the world of business work.

july 2019 : How to make your webinars more interactive

Have you ever attended an online webinar that didn't require your direct interaction?

july 2019 : Obstacles to the use of technology in e-learning at school

A recent study conducted by the University of the Pacific showed that any problems or difficulties in the use of technology and the fact of not considering it as a priority in learning may not be the biggest obstacle to learning in mode e-learning.

july 2019 : The process of reviewing the e-Learning contents in 4 steps

Using an e-learning content review service can help you create quality. However, the review process may be complicated, elaborate and boring unless you follow the following 4 best practices.

june 2019 : Benefits of self-learning in e-learning mode

The e-learning courses are based on the use of new technologies that promote self-learning, disengaging from the limits imposed by the physical presence of a teacher, with the advantages deriving from flexibility and cost reduction.

june 2019 : Training in e-learning mode: waste of time and money?

When it comes to investing in e-learning training, which is essential for training a company, there are still those who say that it would be just a waste of time and money. But is it so?

june 2019 : Game-based learning: cognitive load, motivation and learning

Game-based learning is a teaching method that allows the user to visualize their progress and feel satisfied, motivating them to engage further and continue learning. In eLearning these aspects are fundamental.

may 2019 : Who is the typical student of online courses?

Since the late 1990s, the number of students choosing online courses has grown steadily, especially between 2004 and 2016. But what are the characteristics of a typical online student and what do you study by choosing e-learning?

may 2019 : Gamification and Social Networks influence online learning?

In addition to the way we communicate, gamification and social networking have a strong impact on e-learning learning processes.

may 2019 : Knowledge transfer through e-Learning courses

Do your employees fail to apply the knowledge they have acquired through online learning? Here are 10 questions that will help you understand what kind of e-Learning course is best suited to transfer knowledge effectively to your employees.

april 2019 : How can I create eLearning courses faster?

Many make the mistake of immersing themselves enthusiastically in the design of the course, without dwelling on some focal points.
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