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Training differences between an e-mail and a e-Learning mini-course

6 December 2017
Very often companies try to use e-mail for micro training. But it’s probably better to design a mini course…

Online learning: e-Learning vs Distance Learning

6 December 2017
What’s Distance Learning? And what’s the difference with e-Learning? What’s the best learning method? All what you need to know about the differences between e-Learning and Distance Learning, and how to use them to your advantage …

Gamification in e-Learning

6 December 2017
Latest trends in the use of Gamification in designing learning contents in e-Learning mode ...

Industry 4.0: small and medium enterprise discover e-Learning training for their personnel

15 November 2017
After a first moment of hesitation, most small and medium enterprises are investing in the training and development of their personnel, to be ready for the fourth industrial revolution ...

5 reasons to invest in the development of customized elearning courses

15 November 2017
A good elearning course is always customized, thought and developed to cope with specific training needs

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