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october 2020 : Ready for eLearning? A global comparison

A survey of 30 countries shows their potential in digital learning and eLearning

november 2019 : Methodologies for e-learning: a guide to design and develop projects

The guide covers methodologies and suggestions for creating interactive content and facilitating online learning, as well as some of the technologies used to create and deliver e-learning training.

september 2019 : New eBook on eLearning training trends in 2019

Read the new guide to improve, measure, maximize the impact and returns on your corporate learning strategies in 2019.

july 2019 : What is Reverse Mentoring?

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, we cannot fail to mention Reskilling and Reverse Mentoring.

december 2018 : 3 reasons to use animated GIFs in your eLearning courses

Simple, lightweight and effective images: these are the advantages of using GIF images in your eLearning courses.

november 2018 : Blockchain and online training

How Blockchain can improve and make online training more effective.

october 2018 : eLearning and SMEs

A project to test common online training practices in SMEs.

october 2018 : More and more e-Learning in corporate training

The trend for this type of training grew strongly in 2017 in large Italian companies and is estimated to become prevalent in the coming years.

june 2018 : The beginner's guide to LMS solutions

If you need to select an LMS system for your business, this ebook can give you some good tips and some ideas to choose the system that best suits your needs.

june 2018 : 5 tips for recording high quality audio in your e-learning courses

An online course can be beautiful, but with a very bad audio that makes the fruition difficult and boring. How to improve the sound of eLearning courses and make them more effective?

june 2018 : How to keep the customers of your LMS platform happy and loyal?

Your current customers have already invested in your eLearning platform, but this does not mean you have to stop following them. How can you keep your customers loyal and happy?

may 2018 : 4 things you need to do to maximize the engagement of your international learners

Delivering native language training can greatly increase your learners’ engagement and provide better educational results.

may 2018 : 7 benefits of Mobile Learning - Infographics

What are the main advantages of mobile learning and why do people prefer this learning method? Find it out in this infographic.

may 2018 : Belgrade 2018: the 9th International Conference on eLearning

The 9th International Conference on eLearning will take place in Belgrade on 27th and 28th September, 2018.

april 2018 : Technologies for eLearning training and 4.0 training in favour of Italian industry

Super amortization and tax credit are two of the tools envisaged in the Italian Industry 4.0 plan which allow companies to adopt tools and resources for eLearning training.

april 2018 : The 7 main reasons for investing today in eLearning - Infographic

What are the pragmatic reasons for investing in online training?

april 2018 : Free eBook "Your step by step guide to design high impact blended courses - With 7 success stories [Update 2018]

Suggestions and ideas to move from training in presence to blended training.

april 2018 : Why use eLearning for employee training? - Infographic

Online training is more effective than traditional methods.

april 2018 : 3 simple ideas to use eLearning for the benefit of new recruits

What can companies do to attract the best candidates and keep them motivated? How can eLearning help them achieve these goals?

april 2018 : How to create engaging content - Infographic

The essential elements to easily create engaging content.

april 2018 : Workplace learning 2017

Linkedin Learning Report on how global training and development professionals are facing the most important challenges.

marzo 2018 : 3 ways to make your eLearning social

Together we learn better and more. How to introduce a form of "social" training in the company?

marzo 2018 : What is microlearning and what are its 5 main advantages?

How to create courses in Microlearning and why all companies should do it ...

march 2018 : eLearning education: the growth of students and educational content continues worldwide

Over 35 million students are estimated to take courses online, for a global turnover of almost 47 billion dollars.

march 2018 : Video technologies for e-learning training

What are the technologies for video transmission in e-Learning training today?

march 2018 : 5 common mistakes in the production of reports from your LMS platform

Do not waste time and effort creating relationships that are of no use to anyone! Read which are the 5 most common mistakes in the reporting activity from the platform and, above all, how to avoid them.

march 2018 : 8 Learning Management System requirements of small and medium-size Companies

Today's LMS platforms are not for the exclusive use of large companies, but smaller and medium-sized companies are increasingly adopting these training technologies. But what do these types of companies ask of their LMS systems?

february 2018 : Will online courses kill "physical" universities?

More and more online courses, offered by an increasing number of universities and schools, with students in continuous growth. What is the future of physical universities?

february 2018 : What is Blended Learning?

eLearning and face-to-face instruction coexist and reinforce each other in 'blended learning'. Find out what's in this infographic.

february 2018 : 6 blended training models that guarantee successful training

Blended training uses a combination of both online learning and face-to-face instruction to achieve the training results. Here are 6 models developed by trainers and educators to enhance this training method.
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