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Learning Technologies 2020: technologies applied to business training

april 2020
The Learning Technologies fair, the prestigious event dedicated to digital learning and technologies applied to corporate training, was held in London on 12 and 13 February 2020.

Smart work and school at the time of the coronavirus: is Italy really ready?

april 2020
Despite the digital divide, "narrow" bandwidth and obsolete hardware, the health emergency linked to the spread of the coronavirus is pushing Italians to take great steps towards digitization.

Coronavirus: virtual classrooms not to stop company training

april 2020
In this moment of health emergency more and more companies and institutions have found in virtual classrooms and videoconferencing the ideal alternative to the traditional classroom mode.

How to create a sense of community in eLearning courses

march 2020
The lack of direct interaction typical of many online courses can help to dampen students' enthusiasm. Here are 5 ideas to create a sense of community within online courses.

Make microlearning more effective by using chatbots

march 2020
Technological progress has opened the door to new approaches that can be used in microlearning: chatbots. Let's find out how chatbots can make online training even more versatile and effective.

How to improve the completion rate of online courses

march 2020
How to improve the completion rate of an eLearning course? Here are some tips to encourage students to complete the online course.

Virtual reality and augmented reality: what they are and how they can be used in business training

march 2020
What is the difference between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)? Let's find out how these immersive technologies work and how they can improve the effectiveness of business training.

LEARNTEC 2020: record numbers for the 28th European fair for digital education

february 2020
Great success for the twenty-eighth edition of LEARNTEC, the main European fair for digital education in schools, universities and business training. The event, the topics covered and the LEARNTEC 2020 numbers.

10 tips for writing a good learning test

february 2020
Within an eLearning course, a good learning test allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the course and helps students retain the information learned, reinforcing it. Let's find out the 10 basic steps to write an effective test.

The use of virtual reality in corporate training

february 2020
Virtual reality allows you to significantly improve the effectiveness of corporate training. We discover the potential of virtual reality courses and good practices for integrating this new technology into corporate training processes.

Virtual reality: how companies use it

february 2020
The use of virtual reality between companies is increasingly frequent. Let's find out the main application scenarios: from corporate training to recruiting, from sales to customer experience.

Engaging Millennials through mobile learning

january 2020
For some years now, online activity on mobile devices has surpassed that on desktop. Since smartphones entered the market for the first time, their use has spread widely in the daily life of users all over the world.

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