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The benefits of mobile apps for corporate training

april 2022
The increasing use of mobile devices in education has led to the rapid spread of training apps. Let's find out the benefits and use cases.

Performance management: what it is and how to optimise it

april 2022
How to ensure that employee performance is aligned with the company's strategic objectives? The answer lies in performance management.

The advantages of an LMS with integrated eCommerce

april 2022
An eLearning platform with eCommerce allows you to create, deliver and sell courses from a single platform. But what concrete advantages does it offer?

The new performance management system of DynDevice LMS

march 2022
The eLearning platform of Mega Italia Media is enriched with the new performance management system developed in collaboration with Skill Risorse Umane.

How to use visuals to enhance learning

march 2022
Visuals have the power to enrich communication and stimulate emotional response. So let's discover how to leverage visual elements to facilitate learning

The top 10 features of an eLearning platform

march 2022
Are you looking for an LMS and want to make sure you have the right tool for your business? Discover the 10 key features of any eLearning platform

Complete guide to choosing an eLearning platform

March 2022
Everything you need to know about choosing the right eLearning platform for your training needs.

Learning objects: what they are and what they are used for

february 2022
When we talk about eLearning training we often hear about Learning Objects (LO). But what exactly are they and how do they improve the instructional design of an online course?

LMS platforms: how to improve notifications to trainees?

february 2022
Let's find out how to improve the effectiveness of corporate training course invitations and reminders: tips, rules and templates

HR trend 2022: 94% of companies will focus on training

february 2022
According to the international Global HR research, 2022 will be a year aimed at training and workforce development. Let's find out trends and strategies for success.

Mega Italia Media is nominated for the DIGITALEUROPE Future Unicorn Award

January 2022
The eLearning company from Brescia has been selected by DIGITALEUROPE as one of 17 candidates for the Future Unicorn Award

Training organizations: how to increase sales of online courses

December 2021
Marketing strategies and tools for training organizations that want to sell online courses: everything you need to know to promote your training offer.

DynDevice LMS: eLearning platform for training centers

december 2021
eLearning platform made in Italy that allows training institutions to manage, deliver, sell and promote their courses

How to identify and close the skill gap in your company

december 2021
Conducting a skills gap analysis can be time-consuming, but it is critical to hiring and retaining the right people in the company.

How to choose an eLearning platform for training companies

december 2021
What are the benefits of an LMS for training institutions and how to choose the right eLearning technology provider?

The benefits of gamification in safety training

november 2021
Over time, safety training has changed a lot thanks to the use of playful elements that enhance its effectiveness. Find out how.

Universities: the benefits of an LMS for internal training

november 2021
How can an LMS platform improve the management and effectiveness of university staff training?

How to choose the right enterprise training software?

november 2021
What is a training management software, what is it for and how to choose the right one for your company?

LMS: the importance of the notification management system

november 2021
An automatic notification system improves the user experience of the platform and simplifies training management. Learn how.

USA: Training Market Report 2020

october 2021
How has Covid-19 affected the U.S. corporate training market? Data on 2020 training budgets and trends.

The key components of LMS platform security

october 2021
What factors should you consider when choosing an LMS to ensure the security of the data and information it contains?

Accelerated learning: what it is and what benefits it offers

october 2021
How does accelerated learning support students' educational success? How to apply this methodology to an online course?

Training in Public Administration: the advantages of an LMS

october 2021
Public Administration needs more than ever to restart from internal training and an LMS can be the key. Let's find out why

SEO tips for selling online courses

september 2021
Did you know that SEO is a great tool for attracting visitors to your site and increasing online course sales? Let's find out how.

The state of training in the Italian Public Administration

september 2021
In 10 years, spending on training in the Public Administration has been halved. The numbers of the INAPP 2021 survey and future scenarios.

How to promote your online courses with email marketing?

september 2021
Let's find out what email marketing is and how newsletters can increase sales of online courses

How to use social to promote online courses?

september 2021
Social media is a powerful marketing tool for the eLearning industry. How can you leverage them to promote and sell online courses?

Why use technology in corporate training?

september 2021
Using technology in corporate training increases course effectiveness and improves employee performance.

UDL: what it is and how to use it for inclusive education

july 2021
How do we use Universal Design for Learning to create courses that provide all students with an equal opportunity for success?

How to create an accessible online course?

july 2021
Accessibility is a fundamental requirement to meet the needs of all online learners. But how to make a course accessible?

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