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January 2021 : Main training evaluation models

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a course? Here is an overview of the main learning evaluation models.

january 2021 : Top 5 HR challenges of 2021

What are the top 5 challenges facing HR professionals in 2021?

January 2021 : The advantages of an LMS integrated with videoconferencing software

Why can't your LMS do without tools for creating and managing videoconferences?

december 2020 : Multilingual online courses: dubbing or subtitles?

When translating an online course, is it better to opt for dubbing or subtitles? What do you need to assess in order to make the best choice?

december 2020 : The 7 LMS integrations that will improve your business

What additions to the learning management system can help you achieve your business objectives?

december 2020 : The importance of STEM training for companies

STEM disciplines in support of an "agile" workforce able to adapt to the current digital revolution.

december 2020 : Evaluating the effectiveness of an online course with the Kirkpatrick model

How to use the four levels of the Kirkpatrick model to assess the effectiveness of continuing education?

november 2020 : Tips to make it easier to locate an online course

How to make an online course not only understandable but also culturally suitable for a foreign audience?

november 2020 : Multilingual online courses: the importance of localization

What does it mean to localize an online course and why is it important to do so if you want to reach an international audience?

november 2020 : 3 types of webinars that improve the customer journey

Find out how to use webinars to improve your customer journey and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

november 2020 : How to create successful webinar

What to do before, during and after the webinar to make your online event a success for you and your audience?

october 2020 : Webinar: how to choose the right format?

Webinars are not all the same: discover the different webinar formats and choose the one that best suits your needs.

october 2020 : How to write an eLearning course script

The script of an online course has a direct impact on its teaching effectiveness. Find out how to write engaging eLearning scripts.

october 2020 : Corporate Intranet: what it is and what benefits it offers to companies

What is a company Intranet? And why is it a useful tool for any type of company, especially medium and large?

october 2020 : Learning styles: how do your students learn?

The 7 learning styles to know to create an effective online course suitable for all types of students.

september 2020 : Tips for taking an online exam

Exam anxiety is common among students of all ages and also affects online exams. Let's find out how best to deal with them

september 2020 : Better a cloud or local LMS?

Let's discover the differences and features of the two main LMS models: cloud and local. Which is the best for your company?

september 2020 : How to choose the perfect title for an online course

The course title is the first opportunity to capture the attention of users. But how to choose a title that works?

september 2020 : How and why to create a training program for customers

Customer training has the potential to create profitable relationships with customers. Let's find out what it is and how to implement it

september 2020 : Training on the job: what it is and what benefits it offers

On-the-job training is among the most effective training methodologies for companies. Let's find out what benefits it offers

july 2020 : Analysis of training needs: what it is and how to conduct it

All the things you need to know about training needs analysis.

july 2020 : HR and Big Data: the future of HR is more and more data-driven

Why is employee data analysis becoming a priority for HR departments in companies of all industries and sizes?

july 2020 : How and why to connect your LMS to the HR management system

Let's find out why linking your LMS to HR management will improve the effectiveness of corporate training and employee performance.

july 2020 : The tutor in eLearning: tasks and skills required

The tutor is an indispensable figure for any online course and plays a crucial role in the learning experience of the trainees. Let's find out why.

july 2020 : Tips to improve the navigation of an online course

Navigating an online course has an impact on the educational success of users and the credibility of the platform. Find out how to make it clear and intuitive.

june 2020 : eLearning in the world: main markets and future trends

What is the value of the eLearning market in the world? What are the main drivers of growth and future prospects?

june 2020 : Why do students drop out of online courses?

eLearning and drop-out rates: What are the factors that drive students to drop out of an online course before completing it?

june 2020 : The state of continuing education in Italy

The low level of continuing education in Italy does not allow employees to keep up with the digitization of professions.

june 2020 : Blocking or not blocking navigation in eLearning courses?

Should students of an online course be able to navigate freely through the content or should they follow a set path?

may 2020 : How to choose the navigation style in the eLearning course?

Intuitive navigation is fundamental to the success of an online course, but how to choose the most suitable type of navigation for your course?
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