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19 June 2019: Business training: growing interest in soft skills and the use of e-Learning

Safety first, then transversal competences, and finally languages and digital innovation.

29 May 2019: Who is the typical student of online courses?

Since the late 1990s, the number of students choosing online courses has grown steadily, especially between 2004 and 2016. But what are the characteristics of a typical online student and what do you study by choosing e-learning?

29 May 2019: The future of training is online: the first e-Learning course dedicated to Nautica is born

The first online course that, through a simple and effective study method based on memory techniques, helps to obtain a nautical license.

24 April 2019: eLearning at SMAU London 2019

At the international innovation event "Smau - Italy RestartsUp in London" was presented the made in Italy e-Learning solution.

17 April 2019: Neuroscience and learning: 4 debunked myths

Are there really people dominated by the right hemisphere and others by the left? Does our brain plasticity reduce and "force us to stop" from learning at the age of 3?

17 April 2019: eLearning and digital revolution in the Italian school: where are we?

What has been done so far for the use of e-learning in schools and what could be done to make the most of the potential of online education?

27 March 2019: What are the leading countries in the eLearning industry?

eLearning is a growing industry. The good news is that it is not only the richest countries in the world that benefit from it. Let's find out the ranking of countries that have bet on online training.

6 March 2019: The technologies of the future at the service of training

DynDevice platform for an increasingly complete, flexible, effective and modern management of training courses.

21 November 2018: Blockchain and online training

How Blockchain can improve and make online training more effective.

24 October 2018: e-Learning for Lifelong Learning

The concept behind the continuous learning is called “lifelong learning” and a new sector called e-Learning has been created thanks to the web. It allows everyone to learn everything from the comfort of home, looking at online courses.

24 October 2018: How important is e-Learning for your organisation? 4 statistical data

4 statistical data show that e-Learning is a profitable solution for both employers and employees.

24 October 2018: eLearning and SMEs

A project to test common online training practices in SMEs.

17 October 2018: Gamification: what makes a "serious game" involving and educational?

The study and conclusions of four MIT researchers.

18 July 2018: e-Learning and gamification: what is possible to learn from videogames?

Peole who start working in a fast food expects to be trained with for a necessary (and boring) training video. But the initiation rite for the new chefs at KFC is much more original. What does it consist of?

20 June 2018: eLearning for travel agents

An interactive portal that helps travel agents discover Jamaica.

13 June 2018: How to manage lifelong learning in the fourth industrial revolution?

The eLearning response to the request for continuous professional training

23 May 2018: eLearning and GDPR

What are the implications of GDPR on eLearning?

23 May 2018: Choose your best digital learning

6 case studies show that blended mode improves quality, efficiency and cost of training.

16 May 2018: How to be happy? The Yale University course is online

One of the most popular courses at Yale is now available online free of charge.

9 May 2018: How to train workers in smart-working model, to protect health and safety

A new refresher course allows agile workers (Smart Working) to update themselves on the protection of health and safety in the workplace.

2 May 2018: Belgrade 2018: the 9th International Conference on eLearning

The 9th International Conference on eLearning will take place in Belgrade on 27th and 28th September, 2018.

25 April 2018: Technologies for eLearning training and 4.0 training in favour of Italian industry

Super amortization and tax credit are two of the tools envisaged in the Italian Industry 4.0 plan which allow companies to adopt tools and resources for eLearning training.

21 March 2018: 2013-2018: How has the e-Learning world changed?

What has changed in the e-Learning world in the last five years? Very.

14 March 2018: eLearning education: the growth of students and educational content continues worldwide

Over 35 million students are estimated to take courses online, for a global turnover of almost 47 billion dollars.

7 March 2018: United Arab Emirates: the eLearning initiative distributes tablets to students

3,100 tablets distributed to students of Sharjah schools to learn Arabic.

28 February 2018: Will online courses kill "physical" universities?

More and more online courses, offered by an increasing number of universities and schools, with students in continuous growth. What is the future of physical universities?

14 February 2018: In the USA, the first buses equipped with Wi-Fi that allow eLearning training

An innovative solution to bridge the digital divide in education.

31 January 2018: Do you write e-Learning or eLearning?

We finally come to the head of a frequent spelling and semantic debate in the area of educational technology.

17 January 2018: The " Quarter-Life Crisis" emerges from LinkedIn

What is the "Quarter-Life Crisis "? How to solve it with training and e-Learning?

17 January 2018: Free e-Learning course for distance education in Neonatology

Unitelma delivers a free e-Learning training course to doctors and nurses to improve the knowledge and reduce neonatal mortality.

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