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3 examples of social learning that every LMS should integrate

march 2020
Social learning is the ability of humans to learn from others. In addition to direct observation and imitation, there are other ways to encourage social learning, especially through eLearning. Here are 3 examples.

Will 2020 be the turning point for the Learning Experience Platforms (LXP)?

february 2020
LXPs have now reached a $ 300 million market. Will these platforms dominate the eLearning industry in the future and above all, what are they different from an LMS, Learning Management System?

What is the best way to distribute your training content?

february 2020
Creating online courses that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible is only possible through a clear content distribution strategy. Is it better to use own- or third-party channels?

What is the HILL model and how can it make eLearning more effective?

february 2020
All the secrets of High Impact Learning that Last, a durable and high impact training model.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on online courses: what expectations for 2020?

february 2020
Every year, Artificial Intelligence seems to be destined to change the world of online and classroom training. How will tangible changes be seen in 2020?

How to insert user-generated content in online business training

january 2020
Is it possible to use the material produced by employees of a company within an online company course?

How and when to create effective microlearning videos?

january 2020
The main attribute of the micro training contents is to be synthetic. In which cases is it better to create microlearning videos and how to make sure they reach the training objective?

Statistics and eLearning: how to use student data to improve an online course

january 2020
The statistics of an online course are a mine of useful information not only to evaluate the results achieved by students, but also to adapt the content of the course to their needs. Here are some data to monitor carefully.

How to promote an online business course through testimonials and reviews from former clients

december 2019
Word of mouth is and remains a valid sales technique in every sector. In eLearning it can be activated through testimonials or former students. Here's how to transform former clients into promoters and increase sales of an online course.

Using an LMS to understand the training needs of students

december 2019
We are used to thinking of an LMS, learning management system, as a platform to manage and deliver online courses. If instead it were also a tool to analyze training needs?

What is the difference between a webinar and a virtual class?

december 2019
The terminology in e-learning is fundamental. Let's clarify some of the most used terms in the online course glossary starting with the webinar and virtual classroom.

Ideas for an online course on leadership

november 2019
How can leadership be taught through an online course? From TED talks to virtual reality, there are many sources of inspiration to create new leaders with eLearning.

Who is the facilitator of a virtual classroom?

november 2019
The figure of the facilitator in online courses is essential when deciding to move from a classroom course to eLearning, but that's not all. Who is he and what does he do exactly?

Immersive learning: is it possible to fully immerse yourself in online training?

november 2019
From storytelling to simulations and challenges in real time: everything seems to focus on immersive learning where what matters is the error. Have we understood correctly?

Storytelling and scenario-based learning, some concrete examples

november 2019
Creating a realistic scenario and telling a story that learners can use in the workplace is a great way to maximize the involvement and effectiveness of an online course. Here are some concrete examples.

Social groups: is eLearning the new frontier of social networks such as Facebook?

october 2019
Not only work related social networks, but also the most common ones seem to be more open to platforms and online learning groups. How do social learning groups work on Facebook and what are the advantages they can give to eLearning?

Strategies to promote a new corporate culture with eLearning

october 2019
What strategies can be adopted to help change behavior in the company through online courses? Events, challenges and social learning are the key words.

Storytelling and microlearning, can they coexist in an online course?

october 2019
How can a long story and short content be integrated? The eLearning answer.

Is it possible to change company behavior through online training?

september 2019
eLearning is an excellent tool to acquire skills, but is it also able to stimulate a change in the corporate culture and favor the application of what has been learned?

Case study: how to increase sales by 200% thanks to a Learning Management System, LMS

september 2019
Is it possible for a small training institution to become scalable by tripling the number of students thanks to online courses? We are looking for answers with an American case study.

Online courses: ADDIE and other models for instructional design, which one to choose?

july 2019
What are the major models for instructional design and how to use them for online training?

How to apply the startup MVP strategy to an online course

july 2019
Before launching a product on the market, startups validate their idea with a minimum viable project. Is it possible to do the same thing with an online course?

Why take an online course in the form of micro-contents?

july 2019
Is creating micro-content just a response to the decline in attention and retention, or a more effective method of transmitting knowledge?

What features must a learning management system (LMS) include?

july 2019
An LMS is used by those who create, manage and follow online courses. How do you choose the best platform for all these actors to agree?

How to switch from a classroom course to an online course

july 2019
What is the best way to move from traditional education to eLearning without slowing down the business training process?

What types of videos do you include in an online course?

june 2019
Using videos in e-learning is no longer a choice but a necessity. Animated videos, explanatory videos, live videos ... what kind of video is best suited to your target?

How to write an online course with the right tone of voice?

june 2019
How to avoid months of work for the preparation of an online course go up in smoke because the wrong tone of voice is chosen? Here are some useful tips.

Learning organization: what does it mean to be a company that learns at the time of eLearning?

june 2019
The term learning organization coined by various authors, including Peter Senge and David Garvin, reflects the attitude of a company to remain competitive in a constantly evolving world. What is the role of eLearning in all this?

Bringing digital natives to baby boomers thanks to e-learning

june 2019
Can online training unite different generations of workers and how?

How is the storyboard used in eLearning?

may 2019
To introduce audiovisual elements in eLearning we use a technique borrowed from the world of cartoons. If you have never heard of the storyboard you are missing out on one of the crucial tools for designing an online course.

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