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How to become an instructional designer: useful courses

april 2021
More and more companies are looking for instructional designers to respond to the growth of online training. How to become an instructional designer?

New trends in eLearning: user-generated content

march 2021
Companies are increasingly using user-generated content. What is it and why is it so important for online training?

The knowledge base in corporate training

march 2021
What is a knowledge base and how does it contribute to online training?

Apply the chunked method in an online course

march 2021
A remedy for declining attention and motivation in eLearning? The segmented lecture.

Some trends that will change LMSs in 2021

march 2021
The heavy use of video conferencing due to confinement measures is changing the face of some LMSs. What other innovations could be introduced in 2021?

Chatbots: what are they and how to use them in eLearning?

march 2021
How does a chatbot work in an online course and is its use in opposition to course customisation?

Digital education (2021-2027): changing eLearning in the EU

february 2021
The European Union's vision of how to strengthen cooperation to bring effectiveness, inclusion and engagement to digital education.

Ideas for making distance learning work in schools

february 2021
Why has distance learning in schools not worked and, more importantly, what are the ways to make it work?

How to make quizzes in an online course more engaging

february 2021
How to turn end-of-module or course quizzes into a game or scenario with different twists.

How to create podcasts for online courses

february 2021
The ideal eLearning content for multitasking people who don't like to appear. The podcast: how to design it and engage learners.

Formal, non-formal and informal learning

January 2021
How are academic training, in-company training and experiences implemented in eLearning?

How to design microlearning content

january 2021
The risk with micro content is that the information provided is not comprehensive enough. Here is how to structure microlearning content to make it comprehensive and effective.

Personalising online courses with adaptive learning

January 2021
What are the tools that help to customise an eLearning course and what is the role of artificial intelligence?

How to test the competences acquired in a virtual classroom

december 2020
In a virtual classroom, competences can be tested not only through final tests, but also live. This is how.

Data analysis of an online course: measuring effectiveness

december 2020
What are the most significant data on the effectiveness of online training?

Blended versus hybrid learning

december 2020
What is the difference, if any, between blended and hybrid learning?

Tips for writing branched scenarios for eLearning

november 2020
Where to start from to write an online course based on the scenario and how to develop the different ramifications of history?

How to introduce new employees into the company, remotely

november 2020
Here's how to introduce the new team member to his functions and corporate values with an eLearning course.

Hotspot: what they are and how to use them in an online course

november 2020
Some invisible buttons help to improve the graphics of the online course, but also make the training experience more interactive.

Transmitting Key enabling technologies with eLearning

november 2020
What are the key skills to transform manufacturing into industry 4.0 and how to train staff at a distance?

Corporate training: ideas about the contents of an online course

october 2020
Beyond the mandatory training, what kind of online courses can be provided to employees?

Customer education and eLearning: some examples

october 2020
When does customer training become necessary and how can it be achieved with eLearning?

The impact of Covid on eLearning courses in Africa

october 2020
eLearning Africa shows some errors in the management of Covid in the education sector, but creative solutions are also coming from the school.

Content care vs creating eLearning content

october 2020
Is it better to "take care" of eLearning content, using and organizing already existing resources, or create them from scratch?

How to combine smart working with online training

september 2020
Is it possible to work remotely and take online courses without losing effectiveness, involvement and productivity?

Tips to speed up the creation of eLearning courses

september 2020
How to start an online course quickly for remote workers.

How to fight functional illiteracy through eLearning

september 2020
How can eLearning promote the acquisition of new skills for functional illiterate employees?

USA: Back to school in the classroom or online?

september 2020
What role will eLearning play in American schools six months after the outbreak of the pandemic in the country?

How to select music for an eLearning course

september 2020
With eLearning, the choice of music has an emotional and didactic value. Here's how to choose the "soundtrack" for an online course

Corporate Compliance: how to make training exciting

july 2020
A company training project does not necessarily have to be boring. On the contrary, with eLearning tools compulsory training will be more interesting.

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