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Flipped classroom in the company learning

December 2021
In the transition from school to companies, the model of inverted classroom, flipped classroom, has been transformed into inverted learning, flipped learning. Here are what its characteristics are.

Critical thinking: how to promote it with corporate training

december 2021
Why critical thinking is important and how to develop it in the company with online courses with three practical examples.

Tips for a hybrid learning environment

december 2021
With the COVID provisions, businesses and schools may have part classroom and part online course beneficiaries. Here's how to engage students in this form of hybrid learning. 

Corporate team building: 10 activities to do online

december 2021
Engaging and motivating employees who work remotely and in hybrid mode is possible with online team building activities. Here's what they are and some ideas to put into practice.

How to keep motivation high in online courses

november 2021
Tips for engaging employees in online training by focusing on time, skills, content and purpose.

Gamification vs serious games: what's the difference?

november 2021
Similarities and differences between serious games and gamification, or ludicization of online courses.

Product training: what it is and what it's for

november 2021
How to create an online company product training course to inform, educate and conquer.

eLearning for nonprofits

november 2021
Nonprofits, like any business, can benefit from eLearning courses in a number of ways.

Great resignations: how to face them with the e-learning

october 2021
The phenomenon of "great resignation" explained in numbers by the Harvard Business Review. What can be the role of eLearning?

5 types of corporate training courses to take online

october 2021
Onboarding, compliance, soft skills. Several types of corporate training can be conducted in eLearning mode

Situated cognition and application to the virtual classroom

october 2021
What is situated cognition and how can it be applied to a virtual learning environment?

Microlearning for blended learning

october 2021
Can microlearning be incorporated into blended learning, and what are the benefits for companies?

What is an LMS? Questions and Answers 2021

september 2021
What is an LMS platform, how do I use it and how do I choose an enterprise LMS?

Is the future of education in hybrid learning?

september 2021
What is hybrid learning, what are hybrid learning models, and what role will it play in the future of education and training?

Experiential learning: examples and significance

september 2021
What is experiential learning and how does it apply to online education?

How to promote teamwork with eLearning

september 2021
As work becomes increasingly remote or mixed formulas, teamwork is increasingly central. Here's how to increase collaboration skills with online training.

B2B eLearning: How to train partners

july 2021
How to extend corporate training to partners and resellers and keep company values and profits high.

3 Decision Models for eLearning

july 2021
How to make crucial decisions involving online training by adopting some decision-making models.

How to demonstrate the effectiveness of an online course

july 2021
In addition to the metrics of an online course, there are several ways to see if the course has met its training objectives, putting the beneficiaries at the center.

Skill gap analysis: how to assess skills with eLearning

july 2021
What's the difference between training needs analysis and the skills gap required for a job? Here's how to perform skill gap analysis in eLearning.

Dynamic learning: how and when to use it in an online course

june 2021
Constant change, action and involvement. These are the characteristics of dynamic learning. What kind of learner is it suitable for?

3 change management models suitable for eLearning

june 2021
Change management is crucial in post-pandemic rebuilding. Let's explore eLearning templates to prepare employees for new changes.

How to optimize the content library of an eLearning platform

june 2021
What is a content library for and how to make it as user-friendly as possible?

Talent management: how to manage talent with eLearning

june 2021
Attracting new talent is not enough, you also need to know how to manage them and promote their development. Here's how eLearning helps to manage talent

Self training: how to create an individual training plan

june 2021
How to help students choose their own learning path by exploiting the potential of their LMS

User experience: what does it mean in an online course?

may 2021
What do we mean by user experience when we talk about online courses? How can you tell if an online course is truly user-friendly?

Four types of knowledge: definition and application to online courses

may 2021
What are the four types of knowledge identified by Andersen and Krathwol and how to apply them to eLearning?

Montessori Method and eLearning: What do they have in common?

may 2021
Why the Montessori Method is perfect for eLearning.

Gamification and remote work: how do they interact?

may 2021
Making remote work fun, a challenge for eLearning.

What are interactions in eLearning and what skills do they develop?

april 2021
What is the role of interactions in an online course and how do they help develop problem solving skills?

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