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8 tips to quickly form new hires thanks to e-learning

september 2018
Are the new team members ready from day one, or do they need to strengthen their skills? Here are some tips to prepare them as soon as possible thanks to online training.

3 tips for using storytelling in e-Learning

september 2018
Inserting storytelling elements in e-Learning can involve users and make them come back for other training content. Here are some practical tips for using good stories in online training.

The future of e-Learning in an infographic

september 2018
A simple and intuitive representation to explain what will be the future of e-Learning, online learning.

6 moves to create a successful training experience

july 2018
Mini-guide on the steps you should follow in designing a training experience that focuses on users and not simply about the content.

How do you make MOOCs more accessible to an international audience?

july 2018
How to overcome the major difficulties encountered by students who take mass online courses in English.

How well do you learn with Experiential or Inquiry Approaches: what’s the best?

june 2018
What is the best way to train workers? Are security policies better acquired with simulations or content presentations?

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