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Learning paths: what they are and how they improve learning

28 June 2023
Learning paths are changing the way training is done. Let's find out how this learning format improves the effectiveness of training programs

How to adapt occupational safety training to workers' age with eLearning

28 June 2023
Training employees for workplace safety is a priority. Age difference can be a hurdle that can be overcome with eLearning and a careful course design

Metaversity, why universities should embrace the metaverse

21 June 2023
The Metaverse is considered the next technological frontier in education. But what are the benefits of its application in universities?

The project that brings eLearning into Italian schools

21 June 2023
An important project in Italy is helping to bring eLearning to schools across the peninsula, changing dramatically the learning paradigm. Let's see how it works

Occupational safety training for smart working workers

21 June 2023
When it comes to workplace safety, smart working requires adapting and rethinking risk detection and implementing appropriate training programs

How to assess employees' collaborative activities

14 June 2023
Proposing activities to employees that require collaboration is one way to assess interpersonal skills. eLearning makes it possible to optimize interaction

10 mistakes to avoid when creating online courses

7 June 2023
Creating an eLearning course can be tricky. Let's explore the 10 most common mistakes made by online course creators to learn how to avoid them

Informal learning, spontaneous learning in online courses

7 June 2023
Learning does not necessarily have to take place in a dedicated environment and according to preset patterns. Spontaneous learning can deliver important results

How to use scenario-based learning to assess employees

7 June 2023
Scenario-based learning makes it possible to test employees' skills in realistic situations. Let's find out how to exploit it in the evaluation phases

Social learning as a tool for occupational safety training

31 May 2023
eLearning is a golden standard for occupational safety training. Implementing social learning in the learning process can multiply the benefits of this modality

mLearning and the learning habits of Gen Z

31 May 2023
The educational needs of Gen Z, digital natives, are very different from previous generations. Let's analyze mLearning, which is very popular among the younger generation

Employee-generated learning: what it is and how to derive value from it

31 May 2023
Employee-generated learning reduces the time and costs involved in developing training content for companies. Discover the benefits of this approach.

The impact of the eLearning industry on our lives

24 May 2023
eLearning has transformed the way we learn and train. Let's find out how this has influenced companies, learners and teachers

Burnout: what it is, how it manifests and how to prevent it

24 May 2023
Burnout is a disorder now common in educational and work environments. Let's find out what it is, what triggers it, symptoms, and strategies used to prevent it

Interactivity, how to use it in e-learning courses

24 May 2023
Interactivity is crucial for online courses because it allows students to become an active part. Here, a few tips for using it into e-learning training

Enhancing occupational safety training through simulations

24 May 2023
Effective occupational safety training pushes the user to take an active approach to problems. The use of simulations in training can be a very useful tool

The best eLearning content: guidance and tips

17 May 2023
Creating content for inclusion in training courses is a central theme for eLearning. Let’s see some examples of contents and advice on how to create them

Occupational safety and high turnover: how eLearning can help

17 May 2023
High turnover requires companies to make an ongoing effort to preserve skills, particularly those related to workplace safety. eLearning can be a valuable aid

The effectiveness of Learning Objects in eLearning course design

17 May 2023
Maximizing online learning: how Learning Objects optimize learning, flexibility, engagement and eLearning course outcomes

Digital divide and e-learning training: an important issue

10 May 2023
The digital divide is one of the biggest gap of the digital age, and may prevent smaller companies from using elearning. A difficult challenge, but not impossible to be solved

7 tips for creating effective and inexpensive eLearning courses

3 May 2023
Not sure how to calculate the expenses of an eLearning project? Is your budget limited? In this article we explore 7 tips for developing effective and inexpensive eLearning courses.

The importance of pauses whilst learning

26 April 2023
We often see pauses as non-productive moments. New studies show that pauses are critical to the learning process.

Advantages of using YouTube for online training

29 March 2023
YouTube is the largest video sharing platform, and since the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, it is an interesting tool for elearning

The importance of feedback in e-learning

29 March 2023
Feedback as an opportunity for improvement. Here's why in e-learning it is crucial for both users and creators.

Virtual classrooms: what they are and what advantages they offer

15 March 2023
Thanks to technology, education is moving from physical classrooms to virtual classrooms. Let's find out what they are, what they are for and what advantages they offer.

Active learning in eLearning

15 March 2023
Active learning is one of the most effective and popular training methods, but creating an active learning environment online requires a lot of attention.

TikTok can be useful for training

8 March 2023
One might think that TikTok and education are worlds apart, but the opposite seems to be true and social media may be showing us the way to the future of learning.

Microlearning and Nanolearning: what are they?

1 March 2023
This article explores microlearning and nanolearning and the respective roles they play in corporate training

Using Whatsapp as a training tool

22 February 2023
The most popular instant messaging application can also be unexpectedly useful for educational purposes.

eLearning and Covid-19: Conclusions on CME

22 February 2023
Benefits and challenges of eLearning in medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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