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How to optimize corporate training

19 May 2021
What is DynDevice LMS? Learn all about the eLearning platform that allows you to manage corporate training online in a simple and effective way. 

Montessori Method and eLearning: What do they have in common?

12 May 2021
Why the Montessori Method is perfect for eLearning.

How to become an instructional designer: useful courses

7 April 2021
More and more companies are looking for instructional designers to respond to the growth of online training. How to become an instructional designer?

How and why to train employees on cyber security?

10 February 2021
How to create effective training programmes that help reduce corporate cyber security breaches?

Corporate training: trends and forecasts 2021

3 February 2021
Discover the top 4 corporate training trends to focus on during 2021

Main training evaluation models

27 January 2021
How to evaluate the effectiveness of a course? Here is an overview of the main learning evaluation models.

Gamification: benefits at company level

20 January 2021
What are the main benefits that are convincing more and more companies to "gamify" corporate training?

The importance of STEM training for companies

9 December 2020
STEM disciplines in support of an "agile" workforce able to adapt to the current digital revolution.

Blended versus hybrid learning

2 December 2020
What is the difference, if any, between blended and hybrid learning?

Evaluating the effectiveness of an online course with the Kirkpatrick model

2 December 2020
How to use the four levels of the Kirkpatrick model to assess the effectiveness of continuing education?

eLearning and training: a permanent or temporary combination?

2 December 2020
In 2020 many high profile leadership programmes moved online. Is this a trend that will continue after the global pandemic?

Transmitting Key enabling technologies with eLearning

4 November 2020
What are the key skills to transform manufacturing into industry 4.0 and how to train staff at a distance?

Corporate training: ideas about the contents of an online course

28 October 2020
Beyond the mandatory training, what kind of online courses can be provided to employees?

What is Social Learning?

28 October 2020
Have you ever heard of "social learning"? Learning from others has a wide range of benefits that you can enjoy both face-to-face and online.

Customer education and eLearning: some examples

21 October 2020
When does customer training become necessary and how can it be achieved with eLearning?

Ready for eLearning? A global comparison

21 October 2020
A survey of 30 countries shows their potential in digital learning and eLearning

The impact of Covid on eLearning courses in Africa

14 October 2020
eLearning Africa shows some errors in the management of Covid in the education sector, but creative solutions are also coming from the school.

The pillars of the Adult Learning Theory - Infographic

7 October 2020
What are the four principles of Knowles' andragogy that differentiate adult learning?

Learning styles: how do your students learn?

7 October 2020
The 7 learning styles to know to create an effective online course suitable for all types of students.

How to combine smart working with online training

30 September 2020
Is it possible to work remotely and take online courses without losing effectiveness, involvement and productivity?

Tips for taking an online exam

30 September 2020
Exam anxiety is common among students of all ages and also affects online exams. Let's find out how best to deal with them

How to fight functional illiteracy through eLearning

16 September 2020
How can eLearning promote the acquisition of new skills for functional illiterate employees?

How and why to create a training program for customers

9 September 2020
Customer training has the potential to create profitable relationships with customers. Let's find out what it is and how to implement it

How to make an online course more "human"

2 September 2020
Online experiences can cause a feeling of distance and coldness. Is it possible to make eLearning more like a "live" experience?

Training on the job: what it is and what benefits it offers

2 September 2020
On-the-job training is among the most effective training methodologies for companies. Let's find out what benefits it offers

Corporate Compliance: how to make training exciting

29 July 2020
A company training project does not necessarily have to be boring. On the contrary, with eLearning tools compulsory training will be more interesting.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of an eLearning course

29 July 2020
Is your online course really as effective as you think? Test it based on the assessment of the course participants, employers and LMS analysis.

How has COVID changed eLearning? - Infographic

29 July 2020
How are the changes in corporate training affecting the budgets and expenses of the training department? What are the best strategies to support people in these difficult times?

Analysis of training needs: what it is and how to conduct it

29 July 2020
All the things you need to know about training needs analysis.

Digital Upskilling: some examples of online training

22 July 2020
The digital transformation requires new advanced skills that affect businesses and employees. How to increase digital skills with eLearning?

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