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Learning in the flow of work: how to put it into practice?

27 April 2022
The spread of hybrid working has led to the success of the so-called LIFOW. Let's find out what it is, how to apply it and how it improves company training.

Education problems that technology can solve

13 April 2022
The pandemic has been a great test case for fully understanding the advantages and disadvantages of education technology. What are these problems and what are the possible solutions?

E-learning in companies: advantages and trends

6 April 2022
In the corporate environment, distance learning is becoming one of the most widely used methods to train workers. Here are the benefits of e-learning and the trends for 2022

How can training be adapted to an increasingly fast-paced world?

30 March 2022
In the fast-paced and constantly changing world of business, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to provide training that is in line with their objectives.

eLearning 2022: 29 statistics

30 March 2022
29 amazing eLearning statistics for the year 2022, showing how technology has revolutionised teaching and learning

Data Driven Training: statistics at the service of eLearning

16 March 2022
The best way to manage human resources is to do it with numbers.

Virtual reality in companies and schools: studies and cases

2 March 2022
This article explores how virtual reality is used in corporate and academic training and considers cases and studies done in companies and schools to understand benefits of this technology

E-learning and online universities: trends during the pandemic

23 February 2022
Boom in enrollment for online classes: the number of freshmen has grown by 7%.

Adaptive Learning: revolutionizing the world of learning

16 February 2022
We often hear about Adaptive Learning as an innovative way of learning whose impact can be so significant that it can revolutionize the world of education. But what exactly is it?

eLearning and enterprises: a winning relationship

2 February 2022
The pandemic and the revival of the country's economy have shown how the combination of continuing education and eLearning is the winning tool for businesses.

Critical thinking: how to promote it with corporate training

15 December 2021
Why critical thinking is important and how to develop it in the company with online courses with three practical examples.

Online and in-person learning: pros and cons

15 December 2021
Is online or face-to-face training better? There is no right answer. Knowing the pros and cons of both approaches can be helpful in choosing the best method each time.

Corporate e-Learning and gamification: which games to choose?

8 December 2021
More and more companies are opting to use a gamification strategy in their online courses. What are the most useful games for corporate training?

What are MOOCs? - Infographic

24 November 2021
State of the art of Massive Open Online Courses and future predictions

The benefits of gamification in safety training

24 November 2021
Over time, safety training has changed a lot thanks to the use of playful elements that enhance its effectiveness. Find out how.

Barriers to employee skills training

10 November 2021
Cornerstone survey suggests integrating training and skills development into workflow

eLearning for nonprofits

3 November 2021
Nonprofits, like any business, can benefit from eLearning courses in a number of ways.

How to maximize your online learning experience?

3 November 2021
Are you about to start your first online course? Here are some tips for getting the most out of these types of training paths.

USA: Training Market Report 2020

27 October 2021
How has Covid-19 affected the U.S. corporate training market? Data on 2020 training budgets and trends.

5 types of corporate training courses to take online

20 October 2021
Onboarding, compliance, soft skills. Several types of corporate training can be conducted in eLearning mode

Outplacement and training: 880 million to implement GOL

20 October 2021
Active labor policies and training: the resources to implement GOL, the employment program.

Situated cognition and application to the virtual classroom

13 October 2021
What is situated cognition and how can it be applied to a virtual learning environment?

Accelerated learning: what it is and what benefits it offers

13 October 2021
How does accelerated learning support students' educational success? How to apply this methodology to an online course?

Training and work: the HR challenges

13 October 2021
Work and training, what are the factors of development and challenge? 

Simulation Technologies: The Benefits

22 September 2021
Simulation-based learning can be a great ally for trainees and companies. What are the main benefits of using these technologies?

The state of training in the Italian Public Administration

22 September 2021
In 10 years, spending on training in the Public Administration has been halved. The numbers of the INAPP 2021 survey and future scenarios.

Experiential learning: examples and significance

8 September 2021
What is experiential learning and how does it apply to online education?

Collaborative Learning in the Workplace

1 September 2021
There is more and more talk about collaborative learning. What are the benefits of this type of learning within the company?

B2B eLearning: How to train partners

28 July 2021
How to extend corporate training to partners and resellers and keep company values and profits high.

Elearning: difference between reskilling and upskilling

21 July 2021
Do you know the difference between the terms "reskilling" and "upskilling"? It is essential to know it in order to create training programs in line with the needs of companies.

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