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eLearning and Automation: how to optimize time

october 2022
How to optimize the development and learning time of an eLearning course?

eLearning and team: because unity is strength

september 2022
Interdisciplinary teams enable effective projects to be carried out efficiently in a complex environment.  Let's find out how to apply this to training.

Mnemonic techniques for eLearning

september 2022
Along with comprehension, memory is the main element in training. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques that can support it.

Measuring Breaks: Spaced Repetition

july 2022
Let's find out what Spaced Repetition is and how it can help improve the effectiveness of an eLearning course by reinforcing the memorisation of learned information.

Openness to change in the company: the role of eLearning

july 2022
For a company, spreading the culture of training and maintaining flexible procedures are essential elements to compete.

The importance of Self-Directed Learning in the enterprise

june 2022
Trained and motivated employees are the main asset of a dynamic company. The two do not always walk in parallel.

Boomers vs Millennials: Closing the Generation Divide

june 2022
How can an effective training policy be designed to ensure fair intergenerational access to training, which follows the organisational and skills acquisition needs within a company?

Transformative Learning in Human Resources

may 2022
Staff training is a necessary step for a company that wants to grow. The challenge is to avoid that greater competence is accompanied by less open-mindedness with regard to possible decision alternatives.

How to use Learner Personas to design courses

may 2022
Marketers routinely use Buyer Personas to meet the needs of their market. Let's find out how to apply this technique to the production of content for eLearning courses.

The Great Convergence in eLearning

april 2022
We analyse the growth of the eLearning market from trends related to technologies and skills in the sector and the dynamics of supply and demand.

Psychology and eLearning, the learning guidelines

april 2022
In the field of education, psychology provides important theories on how to ensure satisfactory learning outcomes. Let's discover the three main theories.

Investing in eLearning: a chorus of voices in the company

march 2022
What is ROL (return on learning) and how to use it to clarify the benefits of corporate training.

Data Driven Training: statistics at the service of eLearning

march 2022
The best way to manage human resources is to do it with numbers.

LMS and LXP, let's have some clarity

March 2022
LMS and LXP follow two opposite yet complementary philosophies about the relationship between content and expertise, and between subject matter expert and end user.

School and Work: eLearning trends and declinations

february 2022
Chris Eigeland and Anant Agarwal's predictions on the 2022 evolution and trends of online training in business and academia

eLearning and enterprises: a winning relationship

february 2022
The pandemic and the revival of the country's economy have shown how the combination of continuing education and eLearning is the winning tool for businesses.

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