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Microlearning content that captures attention and improves retention

april 2024
Microlearning allows you to transform continuous education into an integrated and accessible process. Find out how to create effective training pills by applying the marketing funnel theory.

Soft skills in eLearning: teaching and assessing soft skills online

apirl 2024
Soft skills are confirmed as essential in a context of rapid innovation. eLearning offers its advantages for their optimal learning.

Chatbots in eLearning: automating student support and feedback

march 2024
Chatbots allow you to improve support for students of eLearning courses, provided you know how to use them best. Discover the challenges of implementing chatbots.

Open Badges 3.0: blockchain and certification of eLearning skills

March 2024
Let's find out how Blockchain can offer a secure, transparent and immutable system for recording and validating acquired skills.

AI and eLearning: personalizing courses with technology

February 2024
The exploit of AI technology promises applications in many fields. In eLearning, the personalization of teaching is perhaps the main advance. Let's find out why.

Advanced gamification: innovative techniques to gamify eLearning

february 2024
Advanced gamification techniques are useful tools for involving and orienting students in eLearning and improving performance. Let's find out how to implement them.

Storytelling and eLearning: creating stories to facilitate learning

january 2024
Find out how using storytelling can help you improve online teaching and how to use different narrative structures depending on your training objectives.

Localization of content: adapting courses to diverse cultures

december 2023
When creating a course, it is essential to consider the cultural diversity of the target audience. This is where content localization comes into play.

Storytelling in eLearning: engaging to educate

december 2023
Storytelling is a powerful tool that enhances understanding and memorization of information, boosting the effectiveness of courses.

The importance of digital skills in employee evaluation

novembre 2023
In a digitized world, assessing and encouraging digital skills is one of the secrets to enhancing the competitiveness of both individuals and companies.

Using Real-Time Training for Employee Evaluation

novembre 2023
Let's explore how real-time training enhances the effectiveness of employee evaluation.

How to prevent overlearning in occupational safety training

november 2023
eLearning strategies to prevent overlearning in workplace safety training, with a focus on personalization, microlearning and feedback.

How to use microlearning to improve learning

novembre 2023
The reduction of students' attention span strongly affects instructional design. The solution to make training effective? Microlearning.

Using collaborative learning for employee evaluation

november 2023
Evaluating employees is the key to understanding their potential and fostering their professional growth. How can this be improved through collaborative learning?

How to create an eLearning course that respects the principles of pedagogy

october 2023
Careful didactic design makes it possible to order content and maximise its effectiveness. But how to apply the principles of pedagogy to the creation of a course?

How to use peer review for employee evaluation

october 2023
Correct personnel evaluation guarantees meritocracy, development and equal opportunities within companies. How can we improve these processes with peer review?

Teaching in eLearning courses: managing activities and exercises

october 2023
Activities and exercises thanks to eLearning can offer students the way to evaluate their preparation and teachers the quality of the courses designed

How to use forums to improve online learning

october 2023
Designing eLearning courses involves defining the structure of the lessons and the order of the contents. Forums are essential to multiply the effect on users’ way of learning

How to use active learning for employee evaluation

september 2023
eLearning is a useful technology for corporate training objectives. Active learning is that teaching method capable of providing the best advantages for its use

How to use problem-solving activities for employee evaluation

september 2023
Employee training is essential for company competitiveness. Using eLearning to test the level of problem-solving is a valid practice for evaluating the level of staff training

PMI eLearning for occupational safety training

October 2023
eLearning is an advantageous tool for occupational safety training. SMEs can benefit by adopting best practices and personalizing its use

Mistakes to avoid in occupational safety training with eLearning

July 2023
eLearning is a very advantageous tool for occupational safety training. To reap the maximum benefits, however, adequate planning is needed

How to adopt gamification for employees' assessment

July 2023
Introducing game elements into employee appraisal helps make the process more engaging, fun, and most importantly, accurate. Let's find out how

Safety at work: how to alternate training and work in a seamless way

July 2023
Balancing safety training and work activities can be an organizational challenge for companies. How can asynchronous training help?

Multilingual companies: the challenges of occupational safety training

July 2023
To be effective, occupational safety training must overcome language and cultural barriers. Here are the benefits of eLearning

How to adapt occupational safety training to workers' age with eLearning

june 2023
Training employees for workplace safety is a priority. Age difference can be a hurdle that can be overcome with eLearning and a careful course design

Occupational safety training for smart working workers

June 2023
When it comes to workplace safety, smart working requires adapting and rethinking risk detection and implementing appropriate training programs

How to assess employees' collaborative activities

June 2023
Proposing activities to employees that require collaboration is one way to assess interpersonal skills. eLearning makes it possible to optimize interaction

How to use scenario-based learning to assess employees

June 2023
Scenario-based learning makes it possible to test employees' skills in realistic situations. Let's find out how to exploit it in the evaluation phases

Social learning as a tool for occupational safety training

May 2023
eLearning is a golden standard for occupational safety training. Implementing social learning in the learning process can multiply the benefits of this modality

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