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Online trainer for e-learning

march 2023
Let's find out who he/she is, what activities he/she performs and what skills the online course teacher must possess.

The work of eLearning Content Developer

march 2023
The growth of the eLearning sector has seen the emergence of new professions, such as the eLearning content developer. Let's find out who he is and what he does.

The profession of UX/UI expert for eLearning

march 2023
Who is and what does the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) expert do in the eLearning sector?

The work of Instructional Design

march 2023
Creating engaging and effective learning experiences through instructional design. Learn about the key role of Instructional Designers in online education and beyond.

New jobs in the eLearning industry

march 2023
Learn about job opportunities in the world of eLearning, where technology is revolutionizing education and vocational training

Augmented reality applied to eLearning AR online education

february 2023
What is augmented reality and how can it be used for online training

5 reasons to implement eLearning in your company

february 2023
Why should your company use eLearning for employee training? Find out in this infographic.

Learning & Development Africa: 2022 edition concluded

october 2022
Concluded the third African education conference titled "Leave No One Behind in Learning and Development"

E-learning and online universities: trends during the pandemic

february 2022
Boom in enrollment for online classes: the number of freshmen has grown by 7%.

The future of training is online: the first e-Learning course dedicated to Nautica is born

may 2019
The first online course that, through a simple and effective study method based on memory techniques, helps to obtain a nautical license.

eLearning at SMAU London 2019

april 2019
At the international innovation event "Smau - Italy RestartsUp in London" was presented the made in Italy e-Learning solution.

The technologies of the future at the service of training

march 2019
DynDevice platform for an increasingly complete, flexible, effective and modern management of training courses.

Creative ideas to design effective feedbacks in e-Learning courses

december 2017
How to use graphics, animations, icons and other graphic ideas to design effective feedbacks to quizzes ad to results pages

Gamification in e-Learning

december 2017
Latest trends in the use of Gamification in designing learning contents in e-Learning mode ...

LEARNING 360: the first Digital Learning Open Event in Italy

november 2017
LEARNING 360, on November 17th, at Teatro Manzoni in Milano. The event, topics and figures.

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