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may 2019 : How, when and why choose an e-Learning training provider? - Infographic

If you don't have an internal online training team, how do you choose the right provider for you? Here are 9 simple tips to follow.

may 2019 : The results of the LinkedIn Report on corporate training 2019

A LinkedIn research highlights the centrality of education in today's working world.

april 2019 : Neuroscience and learning: 4 debunked myths

Are there really people dominated by the right hemisphere and others by the left? Does our brain plasticity reduce and "force us to stop" from learning at the age of 3?

april 2019 : Professional training: 10 false beliefs - Infographics

Professional training is a valuable opportunity for companies and employees. Consequently, the question arises: why are there so many objections to vocational training?

april 2019 : What are the 16 most valuable skills in the eyes of recruiters in 2019? - Infographic

The approach to learning distinguishes one candidate from another.

march 2019 : Online training in 2019

The opportunities offered by eLearning today

march 2019 : How to use digital resources to train managers?

How important is the training of managers in today's business environment?

march 2019 : The importance of corporate training - Infographic

Some significant data on company training

march 2019 : How to use xAPI to make training more effective?

What is xAPI and how can it be useful? Examples of use of xAPI that are very useful in corporate training.

march 2019 : What is an LRS - Learning Record Store?

What is it and when does it make sense to have it?

february 2019 : How to structure the training paths

Do you know the path that the participants take to complete their training? How to better manage the monitoring and why?

february 2019 : What is an learning ecosystem?

You've heard of it, but you do not know exactly what it is.

february 2019 : Carl Rogers: three quotes on training

Humanistic psychology on learning.

february 2019 : The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Learner

Online learning is not going away, so our challenge is to reduce attrition by making online learning “less distant” for learners.

february 2019 : What Is UDL? - Infographic

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an education framework based on decades of neuroscience research. Let’s discover it together.

february 2019 : How to build a good learning test in 7 steps

Often those involved in eLearning must create quizzes and questions. What are the 7 characteristics of a "good question"?

february 2019 : How To Study Online Courses Effectively (11 Useful Tips) - Infographic

Having online classes is a great thing. You never have to turn up to a class in person, just sit with your computer at home, and receive instructions from your lecturer.

february 2019 : 11 mistakes not to be committed in eLearning training

A list of the 11 things that an online trainer should not do.

january 2019 : 10 signals that show you that your employees are dissatisfied - Infographic

Are your employees happy and motivated in your company?

january 2019 : Growth potential for e-Learning: 3 areas of interest

3 sectors with solid bases to profitably develop e-Learning

december 2018 : Mandatory training on health and safety at work: e-Learning vs. classroom - Infographic

Internet has made knowledge very accessible. Online training for health and safety at work is very convenient. But what role does the classroom now play?

december 2018 : 8 questions to ask before buying your next LMS

Do you want a system that allows you to manage online training? Ask suppliers these 8 questions to ensure you make the right choice for your needs.

december 2018 : How much time did you spend thinking about the design of your eLearning course?

The content and layout of the course involve users. Are you thinking about your students and their interaction with the course or are you focused only on the appearance of the course?

december 2018 : 3 types of motivation to learn - Infographic

What kind of motivation works best for your students?

december 2018 : Mirror neurons: do we need to interact to learn?

The research of Giacomo Rizzolatti on mirror neurons raises the important question: are we "programmed" to learn through human interactions?

november 2018 : How to make your online meetings more productive

10 tips to keep people involved and interested during conference call meetings.

november 2018 : How to stimulate proactive learning in OnLine training

5 tips to implement the proactive learning of employees in your online training program.

november 2018 : Will Artificial Intelligence really change the way we work?

3 predictions regarding which implications the fourth industrial revolution could have on the world of work and training.

november 2018 : e-Learning: the trends of 2019

8 trends that will develop in 2019. What are the key trends to watch over the next year?

november 2018 : Speech recognition in training

The demand for voice-activated devices is growing and can certainly find its place also in the e-learning sector and in training on transversal skills.

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