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march 2021 : Universities and eLearning: what future after the pandemic?

What is the future of the post-covid university? Will there be a return to traditional education or will a 'hybrid' model of education emerge?

february 2021 : Distance learning: lesser-known advantages

The pandemic highlighted some of the benefits of distance learning, especially related to the psychological well-being of students.

february 2021 : Writing 'conversations' for eLearning

All content, from multimedia to textual, must be written in such a way that it arouses interest and facilitates learning.

february 2021 : Ultimate Gray and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021

Pantone has chosen its 2021 colours: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Here's how to use these colours in the graphics of an eLearning platform.

february 2021 : How to convince them to 'invest' in your online course

Why should they choose your online course? eLearning is on the rise, but that means you have to make room for yourself among the competition: how do you get noticed?

January 2021 : eLearning 2021: the trends not to be missed

In recent months, eLearning has experienced significant growth in the corporate environment. But what will be the trends in the new year?

january 2021 : Gamification: benefits at company level

What are the main benefits that are convincing more and more companies to "gamify" corporate training?

January 2021 : How to create multilingual courses

eLearning allows courses to be delivered anywhere in the world. But how to create multilingual online courses?

december 2020 : Is microlearning effective at company level?

Microlearning is not just one of many training trends. At company level, it is increasingly proving its effectiveness.

december 2020 : eLearning content: evolution over the last ten years

 What was the eLearning situation 10 years ago? And what is expected in the online education sector in the coming decades?

december 2020 : eLearning: feedback from trainees

How and when to collect feedback from students on an online course?

december 2020 : Millennial-proof eLearning

What are the features that cannot be missing in an online course dedicated to millennials?

november 2020 : Elearning: how to enhance writing skills

How to enhance content writing skills for eLearning courses? 

november 2020 : Increasing students' motivation during the pandemic

The pandemic also affected student motivation. What elements can be strengthened to keep the attention of students high?

november 2020 : Online courses: practical elements

Contenut curation, user-friendly platform and video calls are just some of the elements that can make your online course more usable.

november 2020 : eLearning: how to use the tabs

Tabs help to "move" the online learning path: but when and how is it best to use them?

october 2020 : What is Social Learning?

Have you ever heard of "social learning"? Learning from others has a wide range of benefits that you can enjoy both face-to-face and online.

october 2020 : Create a video for eLearning

What is the most suitable lighting for your video? Where to place the microphones? Creating an eLearning video is not as easy as it sounds!

october 2020 : 5 questions to ask yourself before designing an online course

Designing an online course is an exciting but also very challenging activity. Before you embark on this adventure, ask yourself these five questions!

september 2020 : Online school: tips for parents

How to accompany their children in distance learning? Patience, interest and support are indispensable qualities to help young people in online learning.

september 2020 : How to dynamize an eLearning content

An online course allows you to create content more dynamic than that of a traditional textbook. How to take advantage of the interactivity?

september 2020 : What works in gamification?

Anyone designing an online course needs to know what gamification strategies work best for their target audience.

september 2020 : How to choose the 'voice' of your online course

Subtitles or audio? Artificial voice or voiceover? Here is why and how to choose the most suitable (human) voice for your online course.

september 2020 : How to make an online course more "human"

Online experiences can cause a feeling of distance and coldness. Is it possible to make eLearning more like a "live" experience?

july 2020 : How to evaluate the effectiveness of an eLearning course

Is your online course really as effective as you think? Test it based on the assessment of the course participants, employers and LMS analysis.

july 2020 : The "new normality" and the consequences on training

One of the sectors that are growing most and need to adapt quickly to the situation caused by COVID is eLearning.

july 2020 : An online course with a minimalist design

Minimalism is always in vogue. In eLearning platforms as well as giving an elegant touch to the site is able to facilitate the study and readability.

july 2020 : Why are they avoiding your online course?

The training course you have designed with so much care and effort is not succeeding. Why not? What can you do to attract students?

july 2020 : Smart working: improving employees' skills and productivity

Continuous training and productivity control are two elements that become even more indispensable in smart working.

june 2020 : Trends in educational technology

New technologies are an endless resource of educational content. From eLearning, to online libraries, to mass media, education tools are just a click away.
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