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february 2019 : How to define the price of an online course

Analysis of competition and its added value are not enough to establish the price of an online course. Price policy must be included in your marketing strategy.

february 2019 : MOOC for e-Learning professionals

The peak for those involved in eLearning? Never have attended an online course. So it is better to take cover with a MOOC with which to train and put yourself in the shoes of their students.

february 2019 : How to promote online courses from copywriting to video marketing

Is it enough to write captivating texts to increase the number of students enrolled in online courses or are there other marketing strategies that can be applied to e-learning?

january 2019 : Customization in e-learning: benefits and methods

Customizing an online course increases student involvement, but is it always possible to create tailor-made content and at the same time achieve the training objectives?

january 2019 : How to calculate ROI in e-learning?

Is it really worth investing in e-learning? To know this, you can evaluate the ROI considering the quantitative and qualitative benefits of online training.

january 2019 : How to harmonize self-directed learning and online courses?

Deciding yourself what to learn seems to be in contrast with the concept of an e-Learning course designed by a trainer. In reality, online training is perfectly suited to self-directed learning, strengthening and directing it.

january 2019 : How to take live exams and create virtual classrooms for an online course

E-learning makes it possible to automate the student management process, but this does not exclude moments of interaction with the trainer through video call examinations and virtual classrooms.

january 2019 : How to create an online course, step by step, with DynDevice

To offer a course in eLearning mode, you need to use a clear platform that allows you to create and offer training content on your own. Here is a mini guide for those who want to create their first online course with DynDevice.

december 2018 : How to set the training objectives in e-Learning

Training objectives are the set of skills that learners should acquire at the end of a training course. How do we identify them correctly given that they are the base of the entire the training architecture?

december 2018 : 5 Models for content curation in eLearning

Is it better to create or curate content for an online course? The mass of existing information on the internet suggests to organize and manage the contents following 5 models. They are listed below.

december 2018 : How to take care of eLearning content

The contents of an online course must always live up to the expectations of the students; this is why they must be carried out with particular care. Taking care of the contents means use the resources available online in the most effective way.

december 2018 : The profile of an eLearning professional

eLearning consultants are more and more wanted by companies who develop and offer online courses. But what is the profile of an eLearning professional?

november 2018 : How organize the presale an online course

The hardest part of presale for an online course is to convince users to make the purchase. Here are some useful strategies to make prospects informed and enthusiasts of the e-learning product before it comes out on the market.

november 2018 : 5 good reasons to organize the presale of an online course

Is it possible to receive orders for an online course before finishing it? The answer is that it is not only possible but also necessary if we want to make the most of e-Learning.

october 2018 : How to market an e-learning course

Preparing an impeccable online course is not enough. As with any other product, you need to know how to market it. Here's how to do it.

october 2018 : How to start a career in e-learning

Trainers and experts from every sector can open a new professional field by giving online courses. It is enough to know how to exploit the enormous potential of e-learning.

october 2018 : What is the profile of the e-learning student in 2018? - Infographic

Knowing the preferences of modern students can be very useful for better planning your e-learning offer.

october 2018 : How to use quizzes in e-Learning

The choice of using quizzes during an online training course is completely personal. If you decide to do it and you want to be effective, however, you must comply with some guidelines.

october 2018 : 6 benefits of mobile learning

It is undeniable that mobile phone is an integral part of the lives of billions of people. Likewise, the benefits that mobile learning brings in terms of staff training are increasingly clear.

september 2018 : 8 tips to quickly form new hires thanks to e-learning

Are the new team members ready from day one, or do they need to strengthen their skills? Here are some tips to prepare them as soon as possible thanks to online training.

september 2018 : 3 tips for using storytelling in e-Learning

Inserting storytelling elements in e-Learning can involve users and make them come back for other training content. Here are some practical tips for using good stories in online training.

september 2018 : The future of e-Learning in an infographic

A simple and intuitive representation to explain what will be the future of e-Learning, online learning.

july 2018 : 6 moves to create a successful training experience

Mini-guide on the steps you should follow in designing a training experience that focuses on users and not simply about the content.

july 2018 : How do you make MOOCs more accessible to an international audience?

How to overcome the major difficulties encountered by students who take mass online courses in English.

june 2018 : How well do you learn with Experiential or Inquiry Approaches: what’s the best?

What is the best way to train workers? Are security policies better acquired with simulations or content presentations?

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