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Are eLearning providers ready for market needs?

23 November 2022
ELearning providers appear to be adopting five strategies to beat the competition and meet the needs of learners.

DynDevice LMS: what do customers think?

18 May 2022
We could talk about our eLearning platform, but we prefer to leave that to our customers. 

The world of smart working: individual health

1 July 2020
For months now, smart working has become part of the lives of many workers in the world. How was it perceived? And what consequences for workers' health has it brought with it?

4 tools to work effectively in smart working

25 March 2020
What are the tools for companies that have to manage work and distance learning during the coronavirus emergency?

Useful podcasts for those who work in eLearning

29 January 2020
Podcasts are an infinite source of knowledge, even in the eLearning sector. What are the best podcasts on this topic?

What are the new tools available for designing online courses?

13 November 2019
What are the best tools in the field of elearning? Here are some of the main features that software should offer to help optimize both the organization and the creation of an online course.

Authoring tools to create e-learning content: which to choose?

9 October 2019
There are different types of authoring tools. The two main types are authoring tools that can be installed on the desktop and authoring tools in the cloud. How to choose the one that best suits your needs?

How to take live exams and create virtual classrooms for an online course

23 January 2019
E-learning makes it possible to automate the student management process, but this does not exclude moments of interaction with the trainer through video call examinations and virtual classrooms.

eLearning for travel agents

20 June 2018
An interactive portal that helps travel agents discover Jamaica.

How to manage lifelong learning in the fourth industrial revolution?

13 June 2018
The eLearning response to the request for continuous professional training

Video technologies for e-learning training

14 March 2018
What are the technologies for video transmission in e-Learning training today?

How to choose your new LMS?

24 January 2018
Everything you need to know about learning management systems (LMS).

What’s the cost for a LMS? A complete guide to avoid bad surprises.

13 December 2017
A complete buying guide to LMS, to understand explicit and hidden costs, in full transparency.

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