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23 January 2019: How to take live exams and create virtual classrooms for an online course

E-learning makes it possible to automate the student management process, but this does not exclude moments of interaction with the trainer through video call examinations and virtual classrooms.

20 June 2018: eLearning for travel agents

An interactive portal that helps travel agents discover Jamaica.

13 June 2018: How to manage lifelong learning in the fourth industrial revolution?

The eLearning response to the request for continuous professional training

14 March 2018: Video technologies for e-learning training

What are the technologies for video transmission in e-Learning training today?

24 January 2018: How to choose your new LMS?

Everything you need to know about learning management systems (LMS).

13 December 2017: What’s the cost for a LMS? A complete guide to avoid bad surprises.

A complete buying guide to LMS, to understand explicit and hidden costs, in full transparency.

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