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16 January 2019: How to create an online course, step by step, with DynDevice

To offer a course in eLearning mode, you need to use a clear platform that allows you to create and offer training content on your own. Here is a mini guide for those who want to create their first online course with DynDevice.

19 December 2018: How to create an interactive opening screen

Have you ever noticed? When you first access an e-Learning course on your monitor you will see an opening screen full of instructions to follow to help you navigate easier and understandable.

12 December 2018: How much time did you spend thinking about the design of your eLearning course?

The content and layout of the course involve users. Are you thinking about your students and their interaction with the course or are you focused only on the appearance of the course?

12 December 2018: Mirror neurons: do we need to interact to learn?

The research of Giacomo Rizzolatti on mirror neurons raises the important question: are we "programmed" to learn through human interactions?

12 December 2018: 5 Models for content curation in eLearning

Is it better to create or curate content for an online course? The mass of existing information on the internet suggests to organize and manage the contents following 5 models. They are listed below.

5 December 2018: How to take care of eLearning content

The contents of an online course must always live up to the expectations of the students; this is why they must be carried out with particular care. Taking care of the contents means use the resources available online in the most effective way.

5 December 2018: 3 reasons to use animated GIFs in your eLearning courses

Simple, lightweight and effective images: these are the advantages of using GIF images in your eLearning courses.

28 November 2018: How much does the User Experience of the users of the LMS platform count in an e-Learning course

A company that provides e-Learning courses will certainly use LMS platforms, interfaces with support services. Why it is very important to consider the LMS User Experience for the success of a course?

21 November 2018: How organize the presale an online course

The hardest part of presale for an online course is to convince users to make the purchase. Here are some useful strategies to make prospects informed and enthusiasts of the e-learning product before it comes out on the market.

14 November 2018: Adaptive Learning: what it is and how it can contribute to success

How can you configure Adaptive Learning as a tailor-made solution meeting your Learners’ needs? But more than this: this type of learning also helps achieving the success of corporate training. Let's find out how.

14 November 2018: 5 good reasons to organize the presale of an online course

Is it possible to receive orders for an online course before finishing it? The answer is that it is not only possible but also necessary if we want to make the most of e-Learning.

7 November 2018: Speech recognition in training

The demand for voice-activated devices is growing and can certainly find its place also in the e-learning sector and in training on transversal skills.

31 October 2018: Adult Learning: what is it and what are its objectives

Adult learning is a training methodology aimed at adults. The field of educational research has identified factors that are essential in relation to the target audience when designing an e-learning course.

31 October 2018: How to use downloadable eLearning content?

9 tips for using downloadable eLearning content in your online training strategy.

24 October 2018: 6 ways to transform the culture of education

What is the best way to transform the culture of education in your company?

17 October 2018: Gamification: what makes a "serious game" involving and educational?

The study and conclusions of four MIT researchers.

10 October 2018: 5 tips to write e-Learning storyboards

How can the writing of a e-Learning storyboard structure the content of your course? It goes much deeper than a simple scheme. Instead, it is designed to accurately process your course from the beginning to the end.

10 October 2018: 9 Facebook functions useful for eLearning

Are you getting the most out of social media in your eLearning strategy?

10 October 2018: How to conduct an analysis of training needs with limited resources

Training gaps are one of the most underrated causes of a company's sales declines. Are you aware of the shortcomings of your organization on the learning and development front?

3 October 2018: How to use quizzes in e-Learning

The choice of using quizzes during an online training course is completely personal. If you decide to do it and you want to be effective, however, you must comply with some guidelines.

3 October 2018: 6 benefits of mobile learning

It is undeniable that mobile phone is an integral part of the lives of billions of people. Likewise, the benefits that mobile learning brings in terms of staff training are increasingly clear.

19 September 2018: 5 tips to hire the right e-Learning voice actor

When we talk about the voiceover in e-Learning courses, the script makes the difference. But how to choose the most suitable voice actor to interpret your content?

19 September 2018: 7 creative ways to use Video Demos in online training

Are your employees tired of the usual online training tutorials and the usual guided presentations? Always choosing the same approach, little by little, can lead to boredom.

12 September 2018: Microlearning: what to do and to avoid - Infographic

5 things to do and to avoid in microlearning

12 September 2018: Translation of an e-Learning content: what to consider

Involving a global workforce in your training content involves localizing e-Learning translations for each market. What does it mean when talking about multilingual e-Learning projects?

12 September 2018: 3 tips for using storytelling in e-Learning

Inserting storytelling elements in e-Learning can involve users and make them come back for other training content. Here are some practical tips for using good stories in online training.

5 September 2018: How to create good e-Learning content

e-Learning is a widespread training method that saves time and resources. Is there a way to create good e-Learning content?

25 July 2018: 5 problems trainees can meet with eLearning user interfaces

User interface is sometimes experienced as frustrating because it is easy to get lost or because the system does not often work as expected. How to make sure that participants have fluid interactions with eLearning?

25 July 2018: 6 moves to create a successful training experience

Mini-guide on the steps you should follow in designing a training experience that focuses on users and not simply about the content.

25 July 2018: Does digital teaching really threatening teachers?

The first word that you associate with training is "teacher". Teachers play an important role in any society. But what changes in the age of technology?

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