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13 June 2018: 7 debunked myths on microlearning

There are limits to what microlearning can do in the business environment. To use it effectively you must know these 7 false myths.

6 June 2018: Health eLearning Voice Over: is a medical background necessary?

What is the secret to being a perfect voiceover (while not having a medical background) in courses for health professionals?

30 May 2018: Why create open source educational technology?

Why take this decision? What advantages can it bring to your business?

30 May 2018: 4 things you need to do to maximize the engagement of your international learners

Delivering native language training can greatly increase your learners’ engagement and provide better educational results.

30 May 2018: 7 benefits of Mobile Learning - Infographics

What are the main advantages of mobile learning and why do people prefer this learning method? Find it out in this infographic.

30 May 2018: How to apply the Pareto principle to learning

In general, teachers dedicate 80% of their time to 20% of students. Especially if we are talking about adult training programs, there are some rules to keep in mind.

16 May 2018: How to use audio effectively in your eLearning course?

Voices that read slides? That's enough! 4 practical examples on how to best use audio in online courses.

9 May 2018: How to train millennials

To effectively train the workers of today and of the future it is necessary to know them.

9 May 2018: Applying e-learning to pharma and healthcare

An interview with Laura Guardi from Pharming explains how eLearning training is effectively delivered in the pharma sector.

25 April 2018: 5 errors in the provision of marketing training

Training for marketing professionals has a major impact on business results. However, this is often overlooked. How to avoid mistakes and what goals to pursue?

25 April 2018: The future calls for integrating LMS

4 reasons why it will be increasingly important to integrate LMS with other software

18 April 2018: What is the actual role of memory in learning?

Memory is our ability to encode, store, store and then recall information and past experiences. How important is it in learning?

18 April 2018: How to moderate the costs of online training

5 ways to reduce the costs of online training without decreasing quality and still achieving the desired results.

11 April 2018: 3 simple ideas to use eLearning for the benefit of new recruits

What can companies do to attract the best candidates and keep them motivated? How can eLearning help them achieve these goals?

11 April 2018: How to create engaging content - Infographic

The essential elements to easily create engaging content.

11 April 2018: Graphic design in eLearning for Newbies

4 tips to create effective graphics.

4 April 2018: Best Practices in eLearning Design - Infographic

Companies adopt project management techniques different from a graphical point of view. But which are the best and most efficient techniques in the area of eLearning?

28 March 2018: 3 ways to make your eLearning social

Together we learn better and more. How to introduce a form of "social" training in the company?

28 March 2018: Support career advancement with online training

How to support your employees to achieve their goals? With dedicated courses and effective training.

28 March 2018: What is microlearning and what are its 5 main advantages?

How to create courses in Microlearning and why all companies should do it ...

28 March 2018: Improve business training experience with YouTube

9 ways to improve online employee learning.

21 March 2018: How to mitigate online training globalization risks

What are the risks for eLearning training coming from globalization and how to dominate them?

21 March 2018: How to prepare to shoot a video content for eLearning

3 points must be clear before entering the shooting room.

14 March 2018: Evolution of digital content technology and eLearning strategy

LMS is the main tool for managing eLearning training, but business strategy is essential.

28 February 2018: AI Chatbots In eLearning

The new frontiers of eLearning.

21 February 2018: 4 steps to evaluate corporate training

Is training in your company effective? Find out now!

21 February 2018: 6 blended training models that guarantee successful training

Blended training uses a combination of both online learning and face-to-face instruction to achieve the training results. Here are 6 models developed by trainers and educators to enhance this training method.

21 February 2018: Short attention? Here's how to use it for the benefit of eLearning

8 tips to make the most of the short attention in eLearning.

14 February 2018: Less is more ... also in eLearning

To maximize the effectiveness of your eLearning product it is very often enough to enhance its simplicity.

14 February 2018: How to take advantage of infographics in eLearning courses

Five creative ways to insert infographics into your eLearning course

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