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The importance of digital skills in employee evaluation

29 November 2023
In a digitized world, assessing and encouraging digital skills is one of the secrets to enhancing the competitiveness of both individuals and companies.

Scenario-Based eLearning: what it is and why it's useful for businesses

29 November 2023
In this article, we explore what "Scenario-Based eLearning" is and why it's beneficial for corporate training.

The social impact of eLearning: inclusive training for all

15 November 2023
In this article we explore how eLearning is making education more inclusive and accessible for all.

How to prevent overlearning in occupational safety training

15 November 2023
eLearning strategies to prevent overlearning in workplace safety training, with a focus on personalization, microlearning and feedback.

How to use microlearning to improve learning

8 November 2023
The reduction of students' attention span strongly affects instructional design. The solution to make training effective? Microlearning.

Gamification in eLearning: myths to debunk

8 November 2023
Gamification is a learning strategy that enables learning through the mechanism of play. Here is everything you need to know about its application.

The limits of informal learning in companies

1 November 2023
Informal learning is a way of training that is becoming increasingly popular in companies. Let's find out the limitations and problems with this strategy.

Using collaborative learning for employee evaluation

1 November 2023
Evaluating employees is the key to understanding their potential and fostering their professional growth. How can this be improved through collaborative learning?

Safety leadership: what it is and how to promote it in companies

25 October 2023
How to stimulate people to acquire a way of working that puts safety at the centre of their choices? The answer lies in safety leadership

How to use peer review for employee evaluation

18 October 2023
Correct personnel evaluation guarantees meritocracy, development and equal opportunities within companies. How can we improve these processes with peer review?

Action Learning, what it is and how it can be used in e-learning

11 October 2023
Action-based learning allows you to learn by tackling real problems and unexpected events that you encounter in the workplace. Here are the advantages of action learning

Use eLearning to hire new staff

11 October 2023
eLearning has revolutionized the hiring process, providing a versatile, cost-effective and scalable means of developing a skilled workforce. In this article we see how

Teaching in eLearning courses: managing activities and exercises

11 October 2023
Activities and exercises thanks to eLearning can offer students the way to evaluate their preparation and teachers the quality of the courses designed

How to use forums to improve online learning

4 October 2023
Designing eLearning courses involves defining the structure of the lessons and the order of the contents. Forums are essential to multiply the effect on users’ way of learning

The use of chatbots in eLearning

4 October 2023
What are chatbots that use artificial intelligence and how can they be used in eLearning?

How to use active learning for employee evaluation

27 September 2023
eLearning is a useful technology for corporate training objectives. Active learning is that teaching method capable of providing the best advantages for its use

How much does it cost companies not to train employees?

27 September 2023
Corporate training is often considered a cost rather than an investment, but it's important to understand that failure to train costs much more. Find out why

Learning Agility, the 5 techniques to develop it

27 September 2023
Adapting to change and applying ever-changing knowledge to resolve unusual situations in an innovative way is becoming increasingly sought after by companies. Here are the techniques to develop it

How to use problem-solving activities for employee evaluation

20 September 2023
Employee training is essential for company competitiveness. Using eLearning to test the level of problem-solving is a valid practice for evaluating the level of staff training

In Italian SMEs, elderly and poorly trained workers

26 July 2023
The majority of Italian SMEs do little training, not very targeted and only if it is compulsory. This is what emerges from the latest INAPP survey

How does eLearning affect our brain?

26 July 2023
How does our brain work during traditional training and during eLearning and how do these differences affect our learning process?

Training strategies for Digital Natives

19 July 2023
Digital natives have innate digital capabilities that companies could leverage in the fast-paced digital age we find ourselves in. How to make the most of this potential?

How to adopt gamification for employees' assessment

19 July 2023
Introducing game elements into employee appraisal helps make the process more engaging, fun, and most importantly, accurate. Let's find out how

9 ways to use social media for education

12 July 2023
Social media is the most efficient communication tools we know, but how can we use them to enhance training?

Safety at work: how to alternate training and work in a seamless way

12 July 2023
Balancing safety training and work activities can be an organizational challenge for companies. How can asynchronous training help?

Top 5 tactics to overcome resistance to online learning

5 July 2023
eLearning is an effective and comfortable way of learning. However, it is not always easy for students to take the decisive step to access an online course. How to overcome resistance?

Multilingual companies: the challenges of occupational safety training

5 July 2023
To be effective, occupational safety training must overcome language and cultural barriers. Here are the benefits of eLearning

The differences between adaptive and personalized learning

5 July 2023
More and more we hear about adaptive and personalized learning as the future of eLearning, but what exactly are these learning methodologies? And what do they consist of?

How to reduce corporate training costs

5 July 2023
Do you want trained employees without spending mind-boggling amounts of money? Here are some simple strategies to reduce training costs without sacrificing quality

How to use podcasts in eLearning

28 June 2023
A detailed insight into how to use podcasts, one of the most popular communication tools of the moment, for an eLearning strategy

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